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Rightfield drop incredible new single ‘Gone’.

‘Gone’ is easily one of the top releases of 2021! With a catchy tune and beautiful vocals means, I can’t stop listening to this mellow stripped back song. Rightfield is on my radar now!

Jen – Music Injection

Mates Jack Blocker and Reed Hoelsche were destined to make music together. Friends at an early age but their lives went in a different direction, but they ended up in the same dorm at College. Their musical journeys were different up to this point. Jack and Reed have a musical chemistry that is quite apparent when listening. This makes them stand out from the crowd. ‘Gone’ makes me feel great when I listen and sing (questionably) along. Rightfield had the intention that when we listen it sounds like they are playing for us on the porch. It does!

Side note – While reading their backgrounds, I found that Reed and I share a similar ill health story that led us to the music industry, after being on the top of our sporting field. Anyone that faces that bitter disappointment and can turn their lives around to be at the top of their next passion is impressive. For Reed finding Jack again was meant to be and I am happy as it has given me a new band to listen to and enjoy. Listen below and you will too. Twitter  Instagram  TikTok YouTube 

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