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Dear Sunday drops stunning new single ‘Teleport’

Dear Sunday is Ben Swanson (vocals/rhythm guitar), Eligh L’Ecluse (drums), Mason Nguyen (lead guitar), Calvin Fennell (bass).

Exciting newcomers Dear Sunday have released a new sparkling, psychedelic new track Teleport, a sweet, glistening, confessional track that describes two young lovers in their own personal world.  The group, whose 2021 collaboration with Luude, Wanna Stay, is currently enjoying rotation on triple j, have also announced their debut EP, Draw 4, out November 12.  Draw 4 is a versatile, thoughtful and hooky collection of alterative rock, pop and psych – a mature and fascinating debut from these sun-soaked WA locals.  Dear Sunday will be hitting the road in November and December to celebrate the release, with shows moving through Perth, Margaret River and Albany.

Evocative of fellow Aussie rockers Ocean Alley and Spacey Jane, Teleport is a stunner – clean, clear guitar dances with washy drums, while the lead vocal floats assuredly above it all.  It’s the perfect kind of track to soundtrack an Australian summer – days that go on forever, spending hours at the beach, or at a festival.  Speaking on the creation of the track, lead vocalist Ben Swanson says, “Teleport is a funny one.  I remember slaving away at work, probably digging holes, and humming the vocal hook: “I wanna teleport with you”.  I quickly chucked it into my voice memos on my phone.  Pretty much that day, we all caught up and wrote the song!  The song is about wanting to run away.  Just leave behind all the bs that’s going on and go somewhere far far away.”

Western Australia is a hotbed for incredible Australian music, so it makes sense for Dear Sunday to do a tour/victory lap of their home state in celebration of the EP.  Speaking on their local scene, Ben reflects, “We honestly pinch ourselves every day with how good the music is coming out of Perth, and the best part is how supportive everyone in the music scene is…Our shows, everyone’s shows are always filled with other local bands who come down to support each other.  Like one big happy and talented family.”






Dear Sunday tells Jen their Top 5 favourite music-makers from Perth! 

  1. Spacy Jane; Finishing top 2 in the Hottest 100 says an awful lot doesn’t it! In the WA band scene, they are in a league of their own right now. In this new wave of bands in Perth, Spacey has definitely inspired our generation through their catchy melodies, and amazing guitar tones.  They remain some of the nicest people in the industry, and overall, we are just massive fans of their music. 

2.            Great Gable – We know the Gable boys pretty well, and they are super cool dudes. We are always blown away watching them play live and they somehow always seem to get tighter on stage.  They’ve really carved out a niche from their unique sound, and their tireless touring.  They’ve just started producing with Matt Corby, and are already one of the biggest bands in Perth – but with that power couple, we just get the feeling that they are about to explode! 

3.            Old Mervs – two of the nicest and most humble dudes you’ll ever meet. We all love their music, and we genuinely could listen and sing along to them all day long! It’s crazy how much of a presence they bring to each show as a two-piece. They’ve really taken a jump in the last couple of years, and feel like they are setting a new standard for the surf-rock bands in Perth. We love Mervs!!! 

4.            Luci – Luci are a little bit different to the bands we’ve listed above. They make soul rap tunes, and we are all a bit of a sucker for it. In our opinions, they are probably the most underrated acts in WA.  They have elite live energy, and we don’t really think there is anyone like them getting around in the scene right now. 

5.            Kevin Parker () – Kevin is undoubtedly one of the greats of the Western Australian music scene!  His music has inspired us in the way we write songs for Dear Sunday.  He continues to push the boundaries, and uses really crafty samples to build the emotion in his tracks. His music is forever evolving, and one thing we love about Tame is that it’s not often a song sounds the same as another, but at the same time, it’s very clear when it’s a Tame song. 

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