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CJ Temple releases an emotional single ‘I Am You, You Are Me’.

CJ Temple has just released a deep and meaningful song called ‘I Am You, You Are Me’. This song is a heartfelt expression of a relationship breakdown. The heartbreak is felt very strongly. CJ has a beautiful vocal sound that really tugs at the heartstrings. There is a sense of well-wishing for the person that broke her heart rather than anger, there is only sadness. The term ‘I Am You, You Are Me’ portrays how deep love can be when you lose yourself in someone else. It is a powerful title for a powerful song. This is a song to listen to immediately after a breakup that would be very cathartic reminding yourself that it was the other person that lied and that as time goes on, you will forget and find someone else. Wow. The more I listen the more emotional I feel. Take a listen here.

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