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Dear Sunday drop new single ‘Knock Knock’

‘Knock Knock’ is Dear Sunday’s latest track is a deep dive into the emotions felt in the midst of depression. The lyrics really do hit home for anyone that has felt deep depression. The song also includes the grief of losing someone close to you. I love the way the lyrics really do pull at my heartstrings. ‘Knock Knock’ is certainly a contrast from their recent collab with Luude which shows the depth of Dear Sunday’s music talent. 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Dear Sunday, follow them on their socials to keep up with their news.

More info on Knock Knock

Knock Knock is a slightly more melancholy cut from the Dear Sunday boys, but listeners should know by now to expect the unexpected with these guys.  It’s catchy, reggae-influenced, with a gentle yet pounding beat, irresistible and constant.  Lead vocalist Ben Swanson’s voice takes centrestage, with thoughtful, emotional lyrics that speak to the depth of not only this song, but this band.  Speaking on the heartbreaking inspiration behind the track, Ben explains, “So the song is actually about depression and the feeling of being haunted by dark, sad thoughts.  A few years ago I lost two of my best mates, only months apart, to their own battles with mental health. It’s something that is so incredibly common these days, but it’s still so hard to comprehend the internal battle that those people are going through…I lost friends because they found it hard to express how they felt, so here I am, sharing my experiences, my dark times and my fight with depression through a song that could be heard all over the world.  Hopefully, I’m doing them proud.”

Recorded with Andy Lawson of Debaser Studio and mastered by William Bowden, Knock Knock is the kind of song that will stay with the audience long after their first listen.  We all know someone who has struggled with mental health – or have struggled ourselves – so Knock Knock will hopefully come as a comfort, a song to turn to in hard times, as Ben reflects on the mood ahead of the release, “We definitely have a mixture of emotions going on with releasing Knock Knock, that’s for sure.  We’re all super excited but also so so nervous.  This track is a bit of a heavier track from the stuff that we have released prior to this, so we aren’t too sure how the fans will take it – honestly, though, this one is probably a bit of a ‘step-up’ from our other stuff, and we are so excited to see how it’s received.”

The Dear Sunday boys have sold out every show they’ve ever played – a remarkable achievement – and are extremely excited to hit some festivals stages this year, as Ben gives fans a taste of what to expect from the new year, “2022 is looking super exciting for us.  We’ve got heaps of new music coming out, collabs with artists we couldn’t have even dreamed of a year ago, and even jumping on some festival lineups. She’s gonna be a busy year, we can’t wait.

Dear Sunday is Ben Swanson (vocals/rhythm guitar), Eligh L’Ecluse (drums), Mason Nguyen (lead guitar), Calvin Fennell (bass).

Knock Knock is out now!

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