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Flying High With Jordan Griffin From Them Evils

Photo by: Sierra Rae

Having just finished a four date run with Cherry Bombs, Jordan was super busy.  He managed to spend a brief moment chatting about touring, writing and his other love, flying.

” It was a nice reintroduction to being in a band since we haven’t been on the road in two and a half years. They were some really cool chicks, bad ass, and talented dancers”. He isn’t kidding about that! I asked how he spent most of his time during the prolonged hiatus. Like most artists, he spent a good deal of time writing. “Just kept writing, kept releasing stuff. We aren’t currently on a label. So, we’re just doing things on our own. The more we release we try to stay relevant.”

Before, albums were seen as an entire body if work. like a novel created from notes and lyrics that flowed one song to the next. Now, sounds tend to be released as stand alone singles that don’t necessarily sounds like the sum of is parts. “Releasing single songs is better because it keeps people entertained. We try to release a single every six to eight weeks. (Sometimes) it’s unfortunate, making an album is part of being an artist. Like if you listen to Metallica’s Master Of Puppets, or AC/DC’s Back In Black or any great album, all the songs sound like the album. Now,all the songs sound different. You have to adapt and go with the flow.  

Burner, their latest offering, is a classic rock anthem,and the vintage Cadillac is epic. The intro is perfection.

His free flowing writing style at times takes months to complete. Touching on one and then another, at times just walking away until he gets inspired. “Maybe I’m just driving along and a song pops into my head, or an idea like ‘that would sound good in this song here'”. Some of his inspiration of late may drop literally out of the clouds.

Jordan has nearly completed his private pilot’s license, and this typically laid back guy, was very excited to talk about that! “I try to go about twice week ( for lessons) ,and I’m about to complete my 40 hours. ” This means he can take his written test and his check ride and be official. “I wanted to learn something new. Such a fun thing to do. It’s expensive. I’d love to be able to just fly and buy guitars.”. He plans on, at least, pursuing his instrument rating which would expand his flying options.

They plan on hitting the touring circuit for summer for as long as it takes. Be expecting the follow up single in a few weeks and it is promised to be ” Bad ass and hard rocking so spread the word”.

Them Evils is:

Jordan Griffin – Guitars/Vocals

    Jake Massanari – Bass

    David Delaney II – Drums

Connect with Them Evils:

Official Band website:







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