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Melbourne indie rock band MAN CITY SIRENS make a welcome return to the airwaves this week with their catchy new single, ‘Life Is…’

Since adding keyboardist Giovanna Hammond to their lineup in early 2022, the band has acquired a fresh new sound and image.

‘Life Is…’ emerged out of lockdown, as people tried to return to normal lives. The criminal gangs of Tongs mentioned at the start of the song are a metaphor for all the fear and intimidation (external and self-imposed), that life threw up via the pandemic.

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Walter Musolino explains – “Life Is…’ is a snapshot moment of how we experience living, day-to-day: our senses assailed by a pile-on of images, thoughts and inhibitions. Life is what you make it. Imagine that!”

‘Life Is…’ contains a hypnotic rhythmic undercurrent and is driven by an infectious piano hook that would befit a Coldplay release. The song is played with an enthusiastic vigour that only good rock can produce.

“Life Is…’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Thirty Mill Studios by Colin Wynne and produced by Victor Stranges of Pop Preservation Society.

“Their generous and thoughtful collaboration was crucial in helping to fashion a great little song” – Added Walter.


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