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Anti-Flag Fire Opening Salvo From American Spring Band Debuts “Fabled World” Lyric Video

Anti-Flag will release American Spring, their Spinefarm Records’ debut, on May 25th. They’ve fired the opening salvo from the album in the form of the lyric video for the anthemic, “Fabled World,” which premiered March 31st on Absolute Punk.
Watch, listen, and most importantly, pay attention here.

Of “Fabled World,” the band said, “This song was inspired by the failure of the Obama era.” Read more about the meaning of the song at Absolute Punk

The video features live clips of Anti-Flag, capturing (and sharing) the band’s electrifying stage presence.

We may live in a “Fabled World,” and Anti-Flag are here to debunk that myth one riff, one lyric, one show, and one person at a time; encouraging political discourse and reminding us all that knowledge is power so educate and inform yourself. We are The Resistance.

Pre-orders are also available now at this location. Bundle options include a skate deck, an eco-friendly tote bag, notebook, hoodie, shirts, Deluxe Die-Cut Gatefold LP—Opaque Pink, limited to 1400 copies worldwide and more.

iTunes, Amazon & GooglePlay Preorder links:

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