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Jen interviews Alex from The Vintage Caravan (Iceland)

A Vintage Caravan are playing the type of music that was around way before they were born. This trio of talented Musicians are releasing their second album called Arrival in May.

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When I rang Alex, I could hear sheep baaing while it rang which was quite funny.
Hi Alex, it is Jen from Music Injection, how are you going?
Hey I am doing good how are you?
good thanks ahhh….whats going on with the sheep? (laughing)
It is a thing that our service provider lets you pick out weird things.
Sounds good!
yeah definitely.
OK You are probably going to laugh at me but I am going to try and pronounce this correctly….
You guys played at Eistnaflug Festival accompanied by your parents. I think that is really funny. How did it feel when you found out that you made a huge impression on seasoned music journalists at such a young age?
Yes! Eistnaflug is correct!
Great I was not far off.
You were spot on! Actually to answer your question that was pretty funny. That festival was such a big party and we had finished playing and we had just finished rounding up our gear and then somebody came up to us and said hey there is a guy looking for you and he wants you to sign some deal. We were just like OH! We ran around for ages looking for him while he was looking for us. Finally we found him and we have been great friends with him ever since. He helped us get a deal and everything. It is pretty funny.

Was it a dream for you to sign with Nuclear Blast Records?

Oh for sure! I was listening to Nuclear Blast Record Bands since I was a teenager. it was more of a dream for us and they make other things possible for us.

In the media pack it said that you played so hard that your fingers bleed at that festival, did this actually happen? I play the bass too and sometimes my fingers tips get so sore but have never bleed!
Actually I don’t remember at that festival but I have bleed numerous times, I have a hard right hand playing style and you know I just try and slam the strings so I have a lot of times where I have had part of my fingers missing, which is actually quite bad! I always had to bring superglue and tape out on tour as I usually half way through I was slamming raw meat on my gear.
Ouch! Superglue? Yuk!
Wow I just play for relaxation so I am safe from that.
That is very good.The bass is very relaxing!

Recording your third album Arrival you recorded in an old ballroom for the special acoustic qualities, where was that? and how was that experience?
It was just an hour or two away, it was kinda weird as we decided that we want to go to a place so we could be private but was looking for that huge reverberating drum sounds. We went all over the country looking for one. There were tons of places as they used to be a collection for the people on the farms. Yeah, we looked at a few and eventually we found that one and went there and stayed for 3 weeks.
3 weeks! that was my next question how long that it took to record it.
Well we did our last album in such a rush that we wanted to take our time with this one. It was worth it.
Definitely it sounds brilliant.
Recently Stefán joined the band after … I am going to get this wrong Guðjón oh Guðjón? um yep. it is hard for him as no one gets his name! ……left the band, has the transition been smooth?
Well it was defiantly hard, Oscar had not really played with any other drummer, they grew up together,
oh yeah I saw that they had been playing together since they were 11.
yeah, they started jamming with each other. Guðjón has been my good friend and we have been band members now for a few years. It was definitely hard to see him go. I think from the beginning we were just supporting what he wanted to do. With Stefán it has been transition has been easy, he is full of enthusiasm.
He has played in a few bands before hasn’t he?
Yes he has played in a few Death Metal bands actually.
He played in Gone Postal and another one called Ophidian I, tech death and black death metal. He is a fantastic drummer really technical and you know really musical. Kind of just well I don’t want to say if he is any better or worse but in a way better.
Yes hard to say but you can move on now and wish  Guðjón (yeah I forgot how to say it) well for his future.
For sure.
You recently played at Wacken Metal Battle in Harpa how did you go there? Was it like a battle to win?
Yes, we came on this year as special guests as we are good friends with the promotor and we came on as the last band had won and just played a show for the people in the crowd. It was fun. It was pretty funny when we getting signed by Nuclear Blast and stuff like that we were playing Wacken on our own terms and playing the festival itself and at the same time this promotor that does the Metal battle he was trying to get us to compete in the Metal battle and we were just like yeah we are not sure we should do that. It was funny it was all happening at the same time.

You are going to be super busy this year, what tour plans do you have in place already?

We have some summer gigs lined up, like festivals and some one off gigs so year we are being booked up more and more so a very busy summer.
So when you say summer what temperature does it get up too? (laughing)

It varies a lot actually, the last two summers over here have been nothing but blithe. Mostly 10 degrees and mostly just rain it has been quite shit actually. But in nice summers it can get to about 20 degrees and because we are so far up north if it is clear it gets really really warm as the sun I guess is like really close to the earth so it gets really warm.
Where I live we get up to 45 degrees in summer and I don’t like that!
Wow that is insane!
Do you have plans to head to Australia this year.
We really really want to but we have plans for Europe this year and next year we will look at other territories to go to. I am really excited to go to Australia actually.
Well we would love to have you! the vintage1
“Your music is a fresh new take on the classic hard rock we all love, but what are your influences lyrically?” Do you write the lyrics or the music? (Sibbo)
Yes for the new album I wrote most of the lyrics as well as Oscar as well. We mostly write the lyrics together then we had some personal lyrics that we wrote. Some songs I wrote most of the lyrics to and some songs he wrote most of the lyrics to. For this album it is very personal lyrics, one of the things that we like to do is making up stories with different characters and put them in a situation and let it play out but we also like personal stuff like inner turmoil and introspective stuff as well. A lot of the album is about the evolution of us as people and us as a band as it has been a 3 year journey and it has been great.
When I was listening to the album I really liked the song Babylon but the one that got stuck in my head was Carousel not in a bad way like achy breaky heart way but a good way. (laughing) after I listened to the album for a few times I kept humming it. Is there a song that you a particularly connected too?
Actually I am glad that you like Carousel as that is one of my favorite songs on the album. I kinda think that this is one of the songs that came out better than I was expecting recording wise. I guess that is the one that I am most into.
We agree on that song then! Who does your lyric videos as they are mesmerizing.
Actually someone from Nuclear Blast Records did our last one. I am not sure how or who or what!
I’ve just realized that even though I have enjoyed talking to you I have gone over my time so I better get going. I hope all your other interviews go well tonight. I wish you all the best for your new album and I hope you do come out here in 2016 and I will be here in Melbourne to support you and I wish you all the best!
Thanks, I wish you all the best. Thanks for the interview.
No worries Alex, bye
Interview by Jen
Research by Jen and Sibbo

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