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Jen interviews The Getaway Plan about their upcoming release of Dark Horses.

Melbourne’s The Getaway Plan are back with a new album called Dark Horses. After a long break they have come together and with the support of their fans on Pledge Music are making a come back. Their National tour starts May the 15th. For tickets and information click here.

Jen has a chat to the boys prior to the Listening Party see below.

Jen: The Listening Party was amazing. To get to hear them play then listen to the album was great. The there was time to mingle and pics. Really nice talented guys that I expect huge things to happen to them!

The release of “Dark Horses” is approaching very quickly, how does it feel to be on the verge of releasing your first independently made album?IMG_7249

It feels pretty wonderful. Being that it’s an independent release, we have a hell of a lot more work on our plates than we’re used to. We’re all pretty stressed, but all for a good reason. We’re itching to have people hear it.

Crowd-funding websites like PledgeMusic and Kickstarter are continually making it more and more easy for bands and artists to fund their own recording process. What are you views on that, and what made you decide to not continue with a label and turn to PledgeMusic?

Crowd-funding is a great platform for all kinds of creatives. I think if refined, it has the potential to take over the record label industry. I have seen the system exploited by a few artists before, which I think is a bit shitty. In my opinion, if you already have the money to pay for a record then you shouldn’t really be using crowd-funding. We chose to use PledgeMusic because we would’ve had no other way of funding the record without submitting to a label.

Were you surprised with the amount of support you got from fans? I was one of the contributors and from my point of view it is great to hear news while you are writing and recording.

Before announcing the campaign, we were unsure of how the response would be. It was a scary thing to do for us, but our fans very quickly proved how dedicated they are. We were blown away. And thank you for your contribution- Being able to have a direct connection with the pledgers during the recording process has been really nice for us. It’s also been really helpful to hear some feedback on things early on. We do feel a bit of pressure as these people have invested their money in to this release, but I don’t think there could be a better kind of pressure than one that comes from your fans. In a lot of ways it’s helped to keep us grounded throughout the making of the record.

How does your writing typically go? Is it a whole band approach?

Up until this release, songs were usually 90% completed at home by Clint and myself and then brought to the band. With our new rhythm section, it’s become much more of a 4-way collaborative effort. We’re now able to jam and write in a live environment. In many ways, that has shaped the sound of “Dark Horses”. There’s actually a lot of live stuff on the record, which is something we’ve never been able to do before.

Was the release of “Lovesick/Mirrors” a sort of experiment to see if you could record “Dark Horses” without a label?

In some ways, yes. I guess we needed to prove to ourselves that we weren’t total fuck-ups and that we could release something by ourselves. We found that it went really well. It was very small scale mind you. Nothing could’ve prepared us for the amount of work required for this next release.

Have you been playing any new material on your recent tours? How are you getting your fans hyped for the new album?

We added a couple of new tracks to our set list when we did a small regional run in January. They were received really well. We’ve had quite a lot of people requesting that we play more new stuff at our upcoming shows which is quite an oddity for us. Everyone seems to be really excited.

Tell us a bit about how the recording process for “Dark Horses” has been for you. Do you have a set way of going about things from past experiences or do you often like to try new approaches?

The approach was quite different than we were used to this time around. With two additional contributors the dynamic has changed a lot. We also spent more time playing together than we did anything else. We recorded over 300 hours of us playing live and a lot of it was used on the record. We’re usually perfectionists when it comes to recording our parts, but this time we were more focussed on capturing the energy that these songs create and so we let a lot slide. As a result the record feels much more natural and raw which is something we’ve felt has lacked a little in our prior recordings.

From listening to “Landscapes”, the track you recently put out for free download, it’s reassuring for old fans to hear that you still have the same sound that you’ve always had, the sound that makes you The Getaway Plan. But it’s also fresh in that it’s clear you have been hard at work on new material and have been experimenting and progressing. Tell us about some of the motivation behind “Dark Horses” and how you ended up with the finished material.

This record has been a long time coming for us. Although writing for ‘Dark Horses’ only officially started a year or so ago, in many ways it feels like the last 10 years of our career have been building up to this release. As weird as it is, I think this record sounds more like The Getaway Plan than any other record we’ve made before. We’ve put more energy in to this release than anything we’ve ever released. We’re feeling quite triumphant about the fact that we’re still writing songs and making records that we’re genuine fans of. As far as sound goes- I don’t think we’ll ever be able to escape the essence that is TGP. There are definitely some moments throughout this record that see us going places we’ve never been before, but at the same time it still sounds like us.

Was there a reason behind the years you took to have a break?

We were burnt out. We started this band when we were 17 years old and within a year we were spending 8 months a year away from home. We were kids thrown in to a hectic life that we weren’t prepared for. When we broke up, we intended on staying so. After playing together at a one-off reunion show for charity we realised that we weren’t quite done yet.

Supporting you on your tour are Gatherer and Freeds, how did you select those bands? Do they have a similar sound to your sound?

The guys from Gatherer, and Freeds are all great friends of ours. Samuel from Gatherer actually produced ‘Dark Horses’. We’ve been friends for many years. We’re also big fans of both acts music, which is very important to us. We’ve taken Gatherer out on the road quite a few times but can’t get enough of them. They have a new record out soon which people need, need, need to hear. Freeds is a Melbourne based hip-hop artist which is something different for a TGP show. He’s a really talented dude whom we respect a lot and I think our fans will definitely enjoy his act.

Will you be selling lots of new merch on the tour? Fans love tee’s!

We will indeed. We’re designing all of our merch ourselves now so people can expect to see new stuff regularly from now on.

You just finished a regional vic tour, how were the crowds there? Did they respond well to your new songs?

The response was great. We were able to play a lot of places that we’d never been before. We met a lot of really nice fans who were stoked to see us. People seemed to really enjoy our new songs. We’re looking forward to testing out more material on our upcoming May/June tour leading up to the release.

After the release of “Dark Horses”, what’s next for The Getaway Plan?

We’ll be spending the rest of the year playing shows in Australia. We’ve got a pretty extensive tour lined up which will take up the majority of our time up until Xmas. Next year we’ll be looking to focus on overseas and will continue to write (as we always are) for album #4. We don’t want to slow down and take another 5 years between records like we did this time. It’s full steam ahead for us from now on.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, all the best to you guys!

Research and questions also written by Freda.


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