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Jen chats to Allday as we start the countdown to Splendour in the Grass!

As we start to find our suitcases to start to pack for Splendour and book our Whale watching Tours I catch up with Allday, who surprises me with his answer about my favourite song of his ‘Girl in the Sun’.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to have a chat. When you started playing music you were in a punk band at school, did you then make a decision to become a rapper or did this evolve into your style now?

I always liked rap and punk and indie but rap was the first thing I did and it turned out to be the most natural way for me to “express myself” as people say.

Can you explain the feeling you get when you play at festivals like Good Life and have so many people singing or rapping to lyrics that you wrote?

It’s really, really cool that people relate to songs I’ve made and I enjoy being able to see their faces.

You played at Good Life and were involved in the meet and greet for fans, what is it like on a busy day to take time out to greet fans? Will you do this at Splendour? 522142_10153143055363713_1716842043984994734_n

Festivals with “Meet & Greets” usually make it easy to meet fans because everyone lines up and there is security, but I’m not sure if that exists at Splendour. Sometimes I walk around the crowd and watch other people’s sets and meet people.

Being on the bill for Splendour, how excited are you for this?  

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m psyched for it.

What was it like supporting Lily Allen last year for her Splendour side shows last year? Is there any funny stories you can share?

Well I walked past her dressing room and accidentally saw her changing, she has great tits.

Do you prefer to play at Festivals or smaller more intimate shows?

I like them both, I’m appreciative of being able to perform anywhere.

Your writing process, how does that go, do you think of lyrics when you are doing something and type into your phone or is it more that you sit down and make the time?allday1

It goes in all sorts of ways. Most of the time I sit in my car and write lyrics in my phone. Or sit in my room and write them on the computer.

My fav song of yours, probably as my daughter played it over and over when it came out and I know every word is Girl in the Sun.  Brilliant song and music video. Brady James is a friend of yours, any more plans to work together? Really want to see this song live! 

I’m not sure if we’ll work together again, that song is not exactly the direction my music will be going in. In fact I kind of hate it but I like that people like it.

Do you have a favourite song to perform live?

It changes every night I think, sometimes I get more emotionally involved with a particular song on a particular day.

What has been a highlight for you when performing live? Any stories you can tell us?

I’ve done so many gigs and had so many cool things happen it’s really hard to pick one. Imagine having to pick your favourite dinner of all time? You’d be like, wow I have dinner every night and it’s almost always amazing how could I pick one?

Can you tell us a bit about your days as a Comedian? Any plans to do this again? 

Umm I always liked comedy and I wanted to try it because I felt like I was a very funny young man, eventually I decided to continue with music instead. I probably won’t go back to comedy but I did have fun trying it.

Have you ever had criticism from critics or fans? Do you have strategies to deal with criticism?

I gets lots of criticism and I’m terrible at dealing with it. I wish I had a strategy for it.

5 Quick Facts

Fav Food :


Fav Drink :

Fiji Water

Fav Band:

The Cribs

Fav Footy Team:

Collingwood & Gold Coast (I don’t really watch Footy but my friends play for those teams)

Fav Beach:

Horseshoe Bay, Pt Elliot SA.

Thanks for your time, how can fans connect with you?

Add me on snapchat,twitter and instagram @alldaychubbyboy  xx

 Thanks see you at Splendour!

Photo Emma Rees

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