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Jen interviews Alex from Oh Mercy, another band in the line up for Splendour in the Grass.

In the lead up to Splendour I catch up with Alex Gow about Oh Mercy’s new album ‘When we Talk about Love”, their Australian tour and of course Splendour. Oh Mercy are a young indie rock band with some serious talent. Like them on facebook here to catch up with all their news.

Jen : Hi Alex, your new album ‘When we Talk about Love” is now “out there” as you say on your facebook page. You have said that it was hard to promote yourself, have you learnt that it is an important part of the promotion of the album? 

Alex : Yeah, naturally I find selling oneself difficult and unnatural. Of course it’s important to do so. I want people to hear my record. So, so be it. I try to be not patronise anyone, that’s my main concern. I try to keep in honest and easy.

Photo by McLean Stephenson

ohmJ: How stoked were you that Dave Faulkner reviewed your album? That must have been pretty special.

A: Yes I’m very glad. It’s a very thoughtful piece of writing. It’s great that he looked so deeply into my album. There’s plenty to sink your teeth into there, I made sure of that. Some of the other reviews have only covered the surface. That’s ok too. Dave Faulkner obviously knows what he’s talking about when it comes to songwriting. I bought several copies.

J:This album displays your maturity as a songwriter and artist. Your journey in America there was lonely and you returned home. What did you think that you learnt through that experience?

Alex: I learnt that I’m very lucky. I learnt that I have been gifted the love and support from some very special people. I’ve learnt that America is a big ol’ place. I’ve learnt how to shotgun a beer. I’ve learnt that I can be beaten by chili. I have learnt how to better appreciate the good stuff. I also learnt several other things that I can’t recall right now.

J: I love the song ‘Without You” I think I connect to that the most of the album. The music video for the song is fantastic. Were they all houses from the Brunswick area?

A: Thank you, I like that song too. It’s the first song that made the album that I knew would make the album list. You see I ended up writing 45 songs. 12 made it. It wasn’t easy picking the 12, but there was never a question re Without You. It sums up the lyrical content and musical approach for the rest of the album. Yes, they were all Brunswick houses. I like Brunswick.

J: I love the way your frustration comes through when you sigh at the end of each verse. Was this planned or was it because it is a very emotional song to you?

A: It’s a very personal song. Yes, an emotional one. It just made sense to audibly sigh. That’s kind of what the whole album is, an audible sigh.

J: What song do you think is the most special to you from that album?

A: Lady Eucalyptus. Rehearsing with the string quartet was a wonderful experience and a first for me. Later in the day I enjoyed putting my feet up on the control desk and soaking up the majesty of it all. A very joyous experience amongst some much more difficult ones.

J: You are playing at Leaps and Bounds Festival before Splendour on Sat 11th July have you played at that Festival before?

A: No I haven’t. I’m looking forward to it. I live in Carlton so I can roll down the hill to the show.

J: Haha!  Do you prefer Festivals or smaller more intimate shows?

A: I like to play them both evenly. Intimate shows make it easier for me to get the emotional content of the lyrics across. Bigger shows are fun because I get to play my guitar loudly.

J: I was hoping you say you love Festivals as I am keen to see you at Splendour. How did you get a coverted spot at Splendour?

A: I guess the peoples who’s job it is to book bands for the festival thought we would be appreciated there. I sure appreciate being there. It’s a great festival, I’m very excited.

J: What is next for Oh Mercy after Splendour? Tour Tour and Tours?

A: Yes, we will be touring nationally to support to When We Talk About Love album release.

J: I loved how you share your relaxation stories on facebook, especially the one on Portland on the river, I actually felt like I was there! Keep up those great stories to keep your fans connected, that is great. 

A: Thanks, I’m glad those stories are ‘reaching’ someone.

J: Thanks for this short but sweet interview, I look forward to seeing you at Splendour.

A: Thanks for your time, Jen.


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