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Jen asks Heather from Love Like Hate all about their new music video out 20th of November and more!

Brisbane dark pop duo Love Like Hate have announced their new music video for List, which will be released on Friday 20 November. The power ballad will close the chapter to their acclaimed Unnoticed EP and open an exciting new one as the pair begin working on their debut album with ARIA nominated producer, Lachlan Mitchell (The Vines, The Jezabels), for the third time. List is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

List is about a hypothetical scenario of the world ending. On a personal note, it invokes the question of whether someone would put aside his or her bigotry, knowing the world was to end. It also asks the general question; if the world were to end, who would you ultimately want to be with? We are really excited to release the video for it!” says Sonja Ter Horst.

The duo recently returned from headlining sold out shows in the UK, playing as part of the Vegan Roadshow tour, which included their second appearance at the sold out London Vegan Beer Festival. This year saw Love Like Hate humbly making headway off the back of their latest recording, gaining fans from touring in Australia and overseas, and in the midst of spreading their signature style of pop music, they unknowingly hooked in radio host, Marc Reiley who spun ‘Unnoticed’ on his BBC Radio 6 Music program. From live appearances on ABC Brisbane and Hobart, to being exclusively signed to UK’s Rough Trade Publishing, there’s no sign of stopping.

Heather Cheketri and Sonja Ter Horst who make up the guitar and piano ensemble began crafting their intricate blend of post-punk rhythm guitar, atmospheric electronics paired with piano-led melodies six years ago.

 You can keep up with their news by following them on social media.


Hi Heather, thanks for the chat.

Congratulations on your already exciting music career!  Your debut EP Rabbit Hole was very well received by Australia and the US, pretty impressed that Tone Deaf gave it 9 out of ten stars! How stoked were you originally with the reception that your debut EP got? I mean winning an award for it in the UK must have been pretty special.

Thank you , we have been having fun and enjoying the challenges so far!

The 9 out of 10 from Tone Deaf for Rabbit Hole was amazing, we were very excited.

Then to get number one on the independent music charts for Unnoticed in the UK, obviously made us very happy and was pretty special.

When you were performing in the UK at the Vegan Beer Festival you got noticed by UK’s Rough Trade Publishing and then signed by them.

Can you tell us the story behind that?

Rough Trade actually tracked us down and sent us an enquiry via our website asking if we were represented by a publisher and if not they’d be interested. This was during the final stages of recording the new EP (Unnoticed) and at first we thought it was spam!     Phew!

Luckily though it wasn’t and after a few more emails, they came to the Vegan Beer Fest in the UK to check us out and offer us to be signed.

Got to ask are you both Vegan and do you drink Soybean Beer? J

Great festival! Not that I am Vegan just curious.

Haha! Yes we are both vegan and no to soya bean beer, that sounds really gross!

The festival is great, lots of tasty and independent beer/brewers.

Moving on to you ‘Unnoticed’ EP,


Your EP cover is amazing, originally I thought, ah yeah that is a heart but the more I looked at the patterns I started seeing the detail. Is it meant to represent something for you or did you design it so people would have a good look? I guess if you don’t really look hard there are images that will go unnoticed!

We both love the details in all our music artwork in general, with the cover art really important to both of us.

If you look at all of our artwork (by Roseanne Kenney) you can see we try to carry over a piece of the original EP each time we make a new Ep or single cover. Yes there are images that go unnoticed!

I really like your song Electric Ships, I think that is my favourite off your ‘Unnoticed’ It is really catchy and the lyrics

“Days roll into one

Sun and moon collide” …….

“Waiting in lines

Sundays move so quickly”

These lyrics are close to my heart as I am wondering how the days are flying by and where my life is going.

Is this the meaning of the song that you wanted to portray?

Wow, thank you for saying so! Yes, that’s definitely the main intent behind those lyrics, sometimes I think as a race we get so caught up in the day to day movements of just making ends meet that we forget how big the world is and how diverse our lives could be if we stopped to think for a second.

Was the song ‘Bright Eyes’ written from a personal bullying experience? Seems that there is a sense of frustration and then the concept of having a gun to represent being stronger would resonate with so many people these days.

This is actually a concept behind the song that was in mind for sure but it wasn’t written from any personal experience in regards to being bullied. It was actually written about trophy hunting of endangered and magnificent animals, and just that need to go and feel like you are more important than something (or someone) else. That’s where that frustration comes from, it doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t understand that need to kill something that is completely innocent and defenceless against us. It is a strange thing to do.

Funny how some songs can have different meanings to people!  Your music video for ‘Unnoticed’ where was that filmed? I am thinking Germany at the start? It is a video that you want to watch to the end, who came up with this concept?

I do like the way you dedicated the video to a supporter of yours, Sean Bates.

Yes, it was filmed in Germany mostly, Berlin to be accurate, with footage also filmed in London, Paris and Prague, making up the whole of the clip. It was an idea we had both discussed and thought it might be worth a try as we wanted to just capture that feeling of travelling and movement from our last European tour. We never actually considered we would end up using it for real as its very raw and ‘non filtered’ but in the end it was perfect for what we wanted to portray.

Sean was a huge supporter and friend, the song and clip was written and made for him.

You have worked now with Lachlan Mitchell on both of your EP’s he is the master of Indie producing, was it different working with him for the second time?

I think he just a master of producing full stop! It was different this time around as we didn’t have any live acoustic drums on the recording and there was a lot of programming involved that we were new to and Lachlan had to improvise a lot until it became what we wanted it to become.

We had brought in some of my own ideas and programming for a couple of tracks but the rest was done on the fly in the studio.

Other than that it felt very familiar working with Lachlan again, after spending so much time in the studio with him for the first EP, I think this helped as he has an uncanny ability to know what we want even if our explanations are a bit off the track or non-technical.

On the 20th of November you are releasing your music video to the ballad on your ‘Unnoticed’ EP, ‘List’

Can you give us a sneaky clue about what we can expect?

Expect an eerie feeling…. it was filmed by a drone.

The world today is filled with the thought that the world will end, I mean I love The Walking Dead! It does make me think if the world was to end who I would want to be with, immediate family of course but perhaps others could come to mind. Will the video be showing who you want to be with at the end of the world or is it all made up?

TWD is up there isn’t it! I’m also a long-time fan of the graphic novels. The point of the video is to show the loneliness of being separated from your friends/family. How not knowing if they’re out there or if they know you’re alone can make you feel isolated, it’s also a play on the realisation that you may not be in their minds at all! So there won’t be anyone special in the clip with us, besides each other of course.

TWD sure is up there! I am addicted and frustrated with series 6! I am not patient.

I noticed that you took over @theaureview instagram with some teaser pics.1a

How long did the filming take?

We only spent a few hours in the very early morning shooting the majority of the footage. We like to keep it simple, especially as independents and not having a huge budget. Also we are lucky enough to work with Contortionist Studios who are so good at getting the shots we love and are very creative in their approach.

I was stalking your facebook and I see that you love dogs as much as I do. I am looking at the picture of you playing the guitar while I am typing up this interview and my two black labs are laying at my feet.

I love dogs, all animals really but I’m a sucker for a dog. 

I have learnt a lot about you off facebook, that you are in fact vegan, and you love to support campaigns like raising awareness of Domestic Violence.

As an artist if we are going to do something that is in support of the community we have to feel strongly about it and obviously domestic violence is one of those issues.

I also saw that you are writing new music, is another EP on the way?

Yes, we are very excited to be writing more music and the best part is we are finally going to record an album, after two EP’s I think it is time! The starting dates are locked in with Lachlan for early next year.

Really looking forward to the music video. I have enjoyed researching you guys and listening to your music. I am wondering why I had not heard your music before! Thanks for your time!

Thank you so much and I’m glad you found us, have a wonderful day/night!


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