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Jen talks with Leah from Evol Walks about their new single ‘Without Me’

Evol Walks are: Vox: Leah Martin-Brown. Lead Axeman: CJ Tywoniak Rhythm Axeman: Dre DiMura Bass: Ian Ross Drums: Jimmy Lee.

I took a listen to ‘Without Me’ and was blown away by the powerful voice of Leah. After watching some videos of the band on their youtube channel I was keen to have a chat with Leah about their news.

Hi Leah, Being an Australian based overseas, how often do you make it back home? You toured here twice last year. Great to know you come home a bit!

I try and get back as much as possible during the year- usually two to three times. We love touring back home because the crowds are so welcoming so we try and do it as much as our time will allow.

I was researching what you did last year and found that you had a super busy year with tours and recording etc. Was there a particular highlight for you?

I think the biggest highlight for me last year was a tie between the International touring opportunities we were given as well as playing on the Main Stage at Polish Woodstock.

You played at Przystanek Woodstock in Poland alongside Black Label Society, Flogging Molly and Dream Theatre. How stoked were you to get included in this festival?

It was one of the absolute highlights of my life! The festival line up was huge so to even be considered was crazy enough for us- getting the main stage spot at 5.30pm was mind blowing.

How do you think the crowds overseas differ from Aussie crowds?

I think Aussies are down to party and get a lot rowdier, in a good way, during our sets and they love to stick around for an after party! This is one of the reasons we love touring back home so much, we get to meet so many of our fans on a personal level after shows.

I really enjoyed watching the videos of you playing there.

Playing Highway to hell, AC/DC cover was a brilliant move, and involved the entire crowd. How was that experience for you? Looks like you were enjoying yourself. I liked your stage presence and how you involved the crowd.

We figured cause we were an Aussie band it might be fun to do an iconic Australian rock anthem. AC/DC are my favourite band of all time so it was an easy choice for me and it opened the set up to a lot of crowd participation. They don’t speak a lot of English in Poland but to have them singing the track back to us was phenomenal and put the biggest smile on all of our faces.

This year you went to the music conference NAMM a few weeks ago? How was that experience? Great music conference to go to! Got to love conferences that you can network.

NAMM was totally next level! The other boys go every year but it was a new experience for me and I loved it. The networking side of things got a little overwhelming at times but the opportunities and connections you can make there are invaluable.

‘Without Me’ is different from other ballads. (Compliment!) It is refreshing that the ballad is a farewell to someone, almost an apology rather than a love ballad. Was this written from personal experience or were you putting yourself in someone else’s shoes?

Thank you! I definitely wrote this track from personal experience and I think people can hear that in the lyrics and general performance. When I wrote it I was intending for it to be an apology more than anything and I’m glad that seems to be coming through.

The music video assists the message being sent, where was it shot and did the filming go smoothly? Anything that went wrong?

I shot the clip back in Los Angeles in my video director’s house using a projector screen and then in the back alleyways behind Melrose Avenue. There were a few things that were a little tricky- we used smoke bombs to create the hazy look in the outside shots and you’re not really meant to let them off in public places so there was a lot of lighting them up and running away going on.

What was it like working with Brian Howes, who has worked with many of the great bands out of Canada?

Brian is an absolute legend both as a producer and as a person. He and I had really good professional chemistry and it made the entire recording process easy and enjoyable. I love working with him.

You have such a belting voice that connects to listeners, even though your voice is unique who are the women voices that influenced you?

I am a massive Janis Joplin fan, I also take influence from Stevie Nicks, Grace Slick, Joan Jett and a little from Amy Lee also. They are all incredible vocalists and all have unique voices, when they sing you know exactly who they are.

You have had this review….“If Green Day and Joan Jett had a child it would be Evol Walks” – Jon Lee, HKG FM

I think this is the best review ever, how important are these reviews to you as an artist? I would be happy with a review like that…. If I could actually sing…..!!!!!!!!

As an artist you’re constantly working hard at your craft and sometimes have moments of doubt like “is this utter shit or is it okay?” so hearing such high praise from music industry insiders definitely gives you that boost of confidence you need when you’re having a down day.

What is next for Evol Walks? Is 2016 going to be as busy for you as 2015?

We are hoping so! We are playing a lot of shows around Los Angeles in the first few months of the year plus have an industry showcase in April. After that we are looking at releasing our debut album and doing a few more tours.

Thanks heaps for your time Leah, I look forward to hearing more from Evol Walks in the future.


“Evol Walks is the kind of a** kicking rock and roll that makes the genre so g***amn worth it” – Two Metal Guys

“If Green Day and Joan Jett had a child it would be Evol Walks”Jon Lee, HKG FM

 “It’s Monster Magnet at their most accessible, it’s Stone Sour before the first break up – it’s nuanced and decisive”The Music Network | |

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