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Sophie chats to Gavin “Mo” Edgeley from Lonely the Brave

After the success of the recent epics “Black Mire” and “What If You Fall In”, Lonely The Brave today release the video for the album’s first single proper “Radar”. Both anthemic and immediate, the track was debuted by Annie Mac as her Hottest Record In The World on Radio 1 last night alongside an interview with Mark and Ross from the band. The video itself sees a child’s obsession with the unknown proven ominously right. See the Music Video below.

Hi Mo and thank you for taking the time to chat with us at Music Injection! 

I hope you’re all doing well and I’m guessing the rehearsals for  your upcoming tour is about to start, right? 

 They are indeed. We’ve been pottering about finishing up the second record so we’ve had a bit of time off from the live side of things. We toured the first record constantly for 2 or 3 years so to have some time to concentrate on creating another record has been great. Personally, I really miss touring though, it’s my favourite part of being in band. That and all the beer.

Can you tell us the story behind you all coming together to become Lonely the Brave? 

A. We all used to be in separate bands a fair while ago and they all just imploded, for one reason or another, at about the same time. That’s when we all decided to sit down and stick LTB together. It’s weird, we never had any real goals with this band apart from playing a few shows, putting out a couple of Ep’s and getting some stickers or something (We still don’t have any stickers). Everything just snowballed for us. A combination of a great friend/manager constantly believing in us and the wonderful involvement of a record label that’d I’d loved and admired for years, Hassle Records, has given us a life changing few years. We owe everything to them.

 Can you describe the writing process of your music and songs?

 A. We tend to work from a riff 95% of the time. Dave will be getting ideas for Melodies and stuff while we’re writing and he’ll take the demo’s home to work on the lyrics. As a drummer, I really love working that way as I’m the kind of drummer that really needs something to work from. It’s funny, we literally throw so much music away. Sometimes we’ll come back to it say 6 months later, tweak a few bits, then ending up with something that we all absolutely love. It’s a funny old thing.

 What song is the most fun to play live?

 A. The Blue, The Green.. Or Deserter… I can’t decide. All of them! I don’t dislike playing any of them, that I can think of. 

Which song is the most difficult one to perform live?

 A. Most of the new album! If I’m nervous, which I usually am, it’d be the entire first half of the set! It’s good to be nervous, it means you give a shit.

  I noticed that you’re going around the UK on your tour and also to the  Netherlands and France. Why do you think your music is so popular there? 

A. I was wondering the same thing the other day, I really don’t know. People over there have just really clicked with it, it’s crazy. Especially in Holland. When we go over there the shows are rammed. We sold out the Melkweg in Amsterdam on the last run, which was amazing. Amsterdam is one of my favourite places in the world. I’ve not smoked weed in years but I still love the place.

 Do you have a before-a-show routine? 1

 A. Yep. Pace around anxiously for a good 15 minutes, drink some water and do a few stretches. Dressing rooms just before showtime are a tense place to be for some of us. We used to relax with four beers but we tour dry a lot of the time now. We just started looking after ourselves a bit better. We party off tour.

  Can you tell us the Best and worst thing about being on tour?

 A. The worst- missing loved ones-not being able to do any washing. In no particular order.

 The best- Playing shows thousands of miles from home-checking out new city’s and just meeting cool people.

 Can you share some funny stories from being on tour? Or something that has gone wrong?

      A. We managed to sneak into an Iron Maiden after show once. It had a free bar and our manager ordered 36 bottles of Iron Maiden lager. Also, I’m regularly stripped naked in the van by unnamed band/crew members. Actually, I’ve been known to strip myself naked in the van. I think I’m just THAT guy.

 Do you have any goals you’ve accomplished so far or maybe goals for the future you’re working towards at the moment?

 A. The biggest one I can think of is playing the main stage at Reading and Leeds. I’ve been to that festival and watched so many of my favourite bands on it and then there’s little old me playing the drums on it! Massive moment for us as a band. Other than that, just being signed to Hassle and putting out records on there. Stuff you dream of as a kid.

 Favorite song of all time?

 A. Get Me by Dinosaur Jr. It’s the best song in the world. That’s not open for discussion.

 Tell us the story behind the music video for Radar? Was it fun to make the video? 

A. I’m gonna be honest. We didn’t have a lot to do with the actual making of it. We got sent the treatment and we all just totally loved it. I’m a massive fan of anything alien related (and a firm believer/and Belieber) so it was a win-win for me. I think it’s a beautiful little video. 

Take care! Thanks! Mo

Interview by Sophie Carlbrant

“Things Will Matter”, their upcoming second album, marks their first full LP featuring second guitarist Ross Smithwick; the interplay between himself and founding guitarist Mark Trotter adding more depth to an already significant sound. Experimentation and ambition are a key part of a record brimming with ideas – from the pulse behind the minimalist, claustrophobic opener “Wait In The Car” to the cataclysmic post-rock magnificence of closer “Jaws Of Hell”, this is a play-through album. There’s the doomy intensity of comeback track “Black Mire”, through to the hooks David Jakes is already well known for in the anthemic choruses to “Rattlesnakes”, “Dust & Bones” and the aforementioned “Radar”.

Lonely The Brave’s debut, “The Day’s War”, was an album both critically acclaimed and adored by fans, receiving the full 5K’s in a lead Kerrang! review and a similarly glowing two-page lead in Rock Sound. What set Lonely The Brave apart from their peers was how they couldn’t be hemmed into that rock world alone – also picking up accolades from the likes of The Independent, The Telegraph, Mojo and The Guardian and prestigious support slots with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and band favourite Deftones. All of which pointed to a diversity in their sound, a perceived longevity and perception beyond their young years as a band. And a fair one too, the group evoking a classic, alternative-rock sound ahead of others, influenced by the diverse likes of dEUS, Screaming Trees, Mogwai, Defeater, Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam and The National.


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