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Jen chats to Twin Haus about their new EP ‘Nothing Lavish’ and their massive East Coast Tour.

After the success of their debut EP, Waxen Myriad, in 2014, Brisbane band Twin Haus began this year recording their awaited follow up, set to be released on March 22nd through Bedlam Records. Whilst continuing to reaffirm their status as one of the best live bands that their city has to offer, the four piece bunkered down for most of 2015 in a preparatory writing mode for their latest release.

Titled Nothing Lavish, the EP explores sprawling soundscapes, an articulate display of intricate musicality and expansive sonic journeys that transport you to another platform. In other words, this is Twin Haus at their best.

The band have pulled out all the stops to make this their most refined and most accomplished record yet. From 9- minute epics to dark, emotive numbers, Nothing Lavish is as expansive and experimental as it is meticulous and considered. Working with renowned Brisbane producer Steve Kempnich and ARIA award-winning producer/mix engineer Tim Carr, the band are now set to build upon their lead single I Used To Think with decadent psychedelia and meticulous rock, refusing to compromise their sound.

To celebrate the release of their EP, the band will be hitting the road for their biggest tour yet, travelling the country for most of April and May. Kicking off with a hometown show on April 1st, Twin Haus are set to take their formidable live show through capital cities and regional centres across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, as well as a quick stop in the nation’s capital. Becoming an absolute force to be reckoned with on stage, this is a band that has to be seen to be believed.

Following on from a two-week collaborative campaign between Twin Haus and a variety of visual artists from across the globe to create an interpretive series reflective of the EP’s tracklist, Twin Haus are now incredibly proud to finally release in all its glory.


“Twin Haus prove themselves a band unafraid to merge off course into the far reaches of ambient, psych and noise.”    – Rolling Stone Australia

I had the chance to catch up with Twin Haus and have a chat about all their news. 

Now your EP is released and you can sit back and know your best piece of work is out there to be heard how are you feeling? Relieved, excited, nervous?

It feels fantastic to be finished with a record that begun formation well over a year ago. However, this doesn’t mean we can sit back quite yet, there’s still much to be done.

You bunkered down last year to complete your writing of the songs, can you tell us if you have a special place to do so, for example by the sea?

We wrote the bulk of the material on the EP either in the Greenhaus and Bedlam Records’ studio. Both of these places are home for us; places where we feel completely comfortable.

I have listened to the advance preview and I must say that I do agree with your press release that this is the best work your have done. When you were writing and recording is that the feeling that you had?

It’s never easy to tell until everything is completely finished, but sometimes when something is played for the first time there’s a very particular feeling you get when you know it has potential to be good. This changes for me a fair bit but at the moment I am thinking that ‘I Used to Think’ is the one that enjoy listening to the most, although it was hard to choose!

Is there one particular song that you felt when writing was above the rest or is it hard to choose?

Nope. I think each song is reflective of a different mood or state of mind. My mood is constantly changing, so it’s a bit hard to pick a favourite.


I was looking at your merch store, some nice tees there but when I went to buy the black one they are sold out. Do you have some new merch planned now your EP is released?

We sure do! Shirts, possession tins and maybe even candles if you’re lucky.

Can you tell us the meaning behind the artwork on your cover? I have been staring at it for a while but are unsure of it’s meaning.

It is quite abstract in meaning, but basically it plays upon the theme of duality. You are welcome to interpret that in your own way.

You have a massive East Coast tour coming up in April/May, kicking off in your hometown on April Fools Day, you clearly love touring with so many shows on this tour. What is your favourite part of touring?

Getting to play music to a bunch of friendly faces almost every night is great fun. Driving a van halfway around the country is also great fun. Sleeping on friends’ couches is also great fun.

The collaboration between you and a variety of Visual Artists from all over the world to create and series reflective of your EP Track list, can you tell us more about this? Sounds like a great idea.

We contacted 4 artists (whom we were all fans of) from all over the place and asked if they would be interested in the project, thankfully they were. Each artist produced an absolutely incredible piece of artwork. We could not be more pleased with the outcome. A huge thankyou to the artists. Their works can be purchased from

I can tell that you guy’s work hard at what you do and are proud of what you have achieved. I wish you well for your release and tour, and hope to catch you at a show in Melbourne.

❤ ❤



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