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Jen talks to Rodney Holder about his free Online Music industry Summit


Respected music industry trainer Rodney Holder (and highly revered musician having been an integral part of legendary Australian Metal Band ALCHEMIST) from successful business podcast is hosting a free online music industry summit. This online conference will provide invaluable content and knowledge to artists, songwriters, managers, producers and other aspiring music industry entrepreneurs.

 Running through April 4th to 15th 2016, the online conference will stream a series of live interviews and presentations with some of the world’s top music industry professionals, including Josh Pyke (ARIA winning artist), Gregg Donovan (Wonderlick Entertainment), Andy Farrow (Northern Music UK: Opeth, Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Devin Townsend etc.. ), Matt Young (King Parrot), Davie Jiannis (Epitaph Records) to name just a few.  This event is for anyone in the music business wanting to expand their industry knowledge, or anyone dreaming of undertaking music as a career. This is a must attend event if you are serious about your music career.

 For more information and to reserve your free spot at the event register at Space at the seminar sessions is limited, so register now.

Hi Rodney,

Your Virtual Industry Summit seems intriguing for all members of the Music Industry. You run your successful Music Business Facts via Podcasts. Offering this online summit is admirable; can you tell us your motivation for offering it for no charge so all of the music industry, from those who have been successful to struggling artists can access it?

Jen, when I played in my band Alchemist we made every mistake in the book. Like I mean huge mistakes that literally cost us thousands of dollars and in hindsight, wasted years of our career. We did things that seem ridiculous now, but at the time as young passionate musicians we just didn’t understand stuff like copyright and contracts and just how the business works.

For over 17 years now my day job has been as a TAFE lecturer teaching people about this stuff in my music business diploma that I deliver. However I never want to be that guy that stands up to the class and says “i know everything there is to know about the music biz”- Of course i don’t” So I started interviewing an array of successful music industry professionals to get their take on how the business works. That’s where the podcasts at came from. My live online music business summit is an extension of that. Much more interactive- live, no editing, and the attendees can actually have a chance to ask the presenters questions.

So to answer your question- I want to raise awareness for my podcast and free resources. plus I want everyone and anyone who is interested in a career in music to have a chance to be able to make informed decisions. Knowledge is power! Now that I no longer write music, tour and perform my passion is to educate people about how the music business works. It’s how I give back to the music community who gave me such a great career!

Can you tell us a little about the how you arranged all the lecturers? Did all the lecturers jump at the chance and ready to support you fully in this?

Most of the presentations are from friends of mine. Networking is a key to succeeding in any business but especially the music biz. 

Most of the presenters are friends and professional associates of mine- so I just dialled in the favours. They are all speaking for free. All giving back to the music community!

I have met Josh Pyke and interviewed him and he is amazing when sharing his knowledge on song writing. I am going to register for his session. If I were a band member what would you say to encourage me to attend these sessions?

Ha ha well for a start he is an ARIA winner. So really that one is a no brainer. He is also an APRA ambassador- again no brainer. 

I’d just say why wouldn’t you sign up to hear this successful guy talk? Regardless of your style and genre you can be guaranteed you’ll be entertained and learn something new. It’s totally free to attend. And if you didn’t want to attend then I guess I’d question your desire to really want to be in the music industry. Again this guy is killing it in the biz! knowledge is power! Why wouldn’t you want to sit in, hear him talk and have the chance to ask him questions?

I know of many bands who are self managed and are finding it hard to get their music ‘out there’ and many bands who are breaking up due to lack or promotional skills. Is this one reason that you have Sarah Hamilton and Matt Young on this line up?

The music business is an absolutely brutal business make no mistake. Attempting to do it as a career takes more passion, patience and persistence than most people could imagine. Yet I believe that the business is full of amazing opportunites. Matt Young is someone who with his band King Parrot are just crushing it here and abroad- and they’ve done it in record time off the back of great planning and insane work ethic. He has some much amazing advice to offer- again- Why wouldn’t you want to attend this free seminar with him to hear about his experiences? And Sarah is the same- a young woman from Brisbane who has now positioned herself as one of the leading authorities in digital music rights management, marketing, as well as all the cutting edge platforms that musicians need to be on. Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes etc. She’s an absolute wealth of knowledge!

You have a wide range of Speakers from so many aspects of the Music Industry, are you considering having someone from the Journalist side of the industry?

Well I have spoken with Andrew McMillen on my podcast

If the summit goes as well as I hope it will I think I will def do future ones.

Thanks for your questions Jen- really appreciate it mate. 

Thanks Rod, hope it all goes well. 

Monday, April 04
Gregg Donovan – Wonderlick Entertainment (AUS)
“How To Self-Manage Your Music Career & Thrive In The Music Business”

Tuesday, April 05
Dave Jiannis – Epitaph Records (AUS)
“How To Not Get Signed – The Mistakes Artists Make When Trying To Court A Label”

Wednesday, April 06
Josh Pyke – ARIA Award winning songwriter/performer
“How To Develop, Grow & Nurture A Successful Music Career”

Thursday, April 07
Sarah Hamilton – Client Manager, Ditto Music (AUS)
“How To Successfully Get Your Music Online & Heard – A Digital Music Masterclass”

Monday, April 11
Andrew Tuttle – APRA/AMCOS
“An Introduction To Performance, Broadcast, & Mechanical Royalties For Songwriters & Composers”

Tuesday, April 12
Andy Farrow – Northern Music (UK)
“How To Plan, Book & Implement A Successful International Tour”

Wednesday, April 13
Matt Young – Vocalist/Co Manager King Parrot
“How To Take Your Band From The Rehearsal Room To International Touring”

Thursday, April 14
Mystery Guest Speaker (to be announced)

Monday, April 18
Andy Farrow – Northern Music (UK)
“How To Plan, Book & Implement A Successful International Tour”



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