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It’s 2016 in Sydney, Australia. Our character “Hazey” sets out on his usual town escapade to find a place where he can dance and meet like-minded people. Early on he is greeted and accepted as he explores the city ready for a good night.

As the evening progresses he is faced with rejection and hostility. With nowhere to go, he finds himself wandering the streets. He proceeds to try and try again, only be filtered toward places like gaming lounges and convenience stores. He realises there is no place for him anymore, all the bars and venues he loved are closed and he finds himself lost in the haze. 

As he gives in and decides to walk home, he stumbles across a bright sign calling him, inviting him in. He opens the door and is eagerly greeted by like-minded, happy-go-lucky people that are enjoying their evening.

They dance the night away.

Hazey has finally made it. 

Neon Demon’ is the new single to be taken from the upcoming EP and immediately launches the listener into an illuminated scene after sundown where like-minded humans would come to connect. Produced by Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezebels, The Vines, The Whitlams), the song explores letting go of any inner doubts and thought patterns, freeing one to escape to the calling of the bright lights and the dreams we refrain from exploring due to fear.

Slumberhaze are touring nationally in June/July.

New single “Neon Demon” is out now – off EP ‘Rhyme, Rhythm, and Romance (Part 3)’ due June 10.




Newcastle, NSW – Lizottes – Wednesday June 15

Cronulla, NSW – Brass Monkey – Thursday June 16

Sydney, NSW – Waywards – Friday June 17

Wollongong, NSW – Rad Bar – Saturday June 18

Brisbane, QLD – The Brightside – Friday June 24

Sunshine Coast, QLD – Sol Bar – Saturday June 25

Canberra, ACT – Transit Bar – Thursday June 30

Rye, VIC – Baha’s – Friday July 1

Melbourne, VIC – Shebeen – Saturday July 2


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