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Maddie interviews Dane from Osaka Punch

Osaka Punch are known for their reputation as being a “set fire to the stage and hope the next act can still use it” band, AKA, you don’t want to miss a chance to see these guys live! Luckily for you, they have some shows in August! Check out their Facebook page here: for more details!

The band has also re-released their LP ‘Voodoo Love Machine’ with the announcement of becoming signed to Bird’s Robe Collection, and all just after they returned to Australia as they had been touring and writing in the UK! Osaka Punch have definitely accomplished a lot and I doubt they’ll be slowing down anytime soon!


Thanks to Dane Pulvirenti, the drummer!

First off, a cliché question I know but as your name is so unique, where’d the name Osaka Punch come from? Also why change from The Kidney Thieves? 

Ahh that old chestnut. We were casually jamming the fuck out when we were prompted with a notice from the kidneythieves’ legal team. An American ambient salsa hop goth band. Osaka punch was voted in using a democratic voting system between the five members at the time. 

Since you fuse so many different genres together, is it difficult to write music because there’s so much more you can do with it?

Yes. No long answer to that question sorry. 

How do you get your inspiration and influence to create such unique songs?  

I think it’s a natural occurrence amongst us. The byproduct of our individual strengths as musicians sets the parameter for how “unique” we can make it sound. 

Do you think it is more difficult to gain a fanbase and audience since you’re not really associated to one specific genre, but you’re sort of a bit of this and a bit of that?

 I think it’s difficult regardless of genre. In a focused environment like metal, pop, edm – the market is simply over saturated. Thankfully we don’t have that challenge. What we do face is slipping between the cracks due to not having a fixed target market or demographic. However it also serves as a great advantage.

You just released your new single ‘STONK’, what’s the song about and what does stonk mean? Very interesting name!

Stonk is a light hearted jab at the numbing normality of the daily grind and the confines of the machine and its desire to crush your spirit. Or maybe it’s not. 

The name is influenced from our love for onomatopoeias. (I’ll save you some time on googling the word, it means “the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named (e.g. cuckoo, sizzle )”)

Stonk (to us) is something that sounds slow, heavy and staunch. 

Does ‘STONK’ set the vibe for what is to be expected for your future music?

 Mmm maybe. I can’t say what we will be up to in the future. One thing I can say is we are evolving and I like that. 

How did moving to the UK benefit the band? Now you have returned is it good to be back at home in Australia?

Going over really put a good perspective on how to work professionally as a band. Not just shows but manifesting and executing every aspect of the product and logistics that lay alongside writing good tunes. We didn’t bargain for it when we grew up learning our instruments but it’s what it is.

Now we are home with more resources and a game plan – yes – it’s great to be back home. 

As your reputation upholds you as a ‘”set fire to the stage & hope the next act can still use it” band’, what can be expected from any of your live performances?

Exactly that. We basically make sure one of us is bleeding, hyperventilating or throwing up. If that doesn’t happen we’ve ripped off our audience. 

What is one tip you’d give to aspiring musicians?

Career wise – Learn the industry, don’t wait for someone to help you – chances are the time it takes to find that person to help you, you could’ve done it yourself. 

Artistically – surround yourself with people who share your ambitions, determination and work ethic. 

Never stop creating, know what you have to do to get better at your craft but never forget what your “bag” is. 

What’s next for Osaka Punch?

We have 3 tours and an EP release this year and then we will complete writing for our next release. 

Osaka Punch are a refreshing change to the music industry as they fuse different genres into their own, providing something for everyone.

This band is definitely one not to miss, and listening to their music will not be regretted.

Written by Maddie Birkett


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