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‘Opera Oblivia’ by Hellions Review, possible Album of the Year!

Hellions have released their highly-anticipated new album Opera Oblivia via UNFD. Their critically-acclaimed third opus has already been declared a genre great by the wider music community for its theatricality, emotion, innovation and confidence.  More than just a collection of songs, Opera Oblivia is a musical experience that was the coveted Feature Album on triple j this week, with the grandeur on display likened to that of British rock Legends Queen.

Hellions are well known for their pure energy, insane shows with super heavy sounding guitars and full on vocals. Forming in 2013, releasing two albums and having crazy touring schedules, they have released Opera Oblivia via UNFD . This is a must listen to record and a pick of mine for album of the year.

Opera Oblivia is an unusual name for an album and I asked Matt why that name in particular. He replied “I was reading a book, and for the life of me I cannot remember precisely what it was, I daresay it was a Hesse book…and this word ‘oblivia’ had piqued my attention midway through. I have a tendency to romanticize archaic and foreign language, and this word had struck me as both phonetically beautiful as well as an accurate summary of the record’s content. The word ‘Opera’ had been masticated a lot during the writing process and when the alliteration of the two words came to mind, I wrote to other boys immediately asking what they thought of it. It was certainly a moment of epiphany and I’m glad that everyone else saw what I did in this title.”

I have listened to this album now many times and I do feel that it is album that one can listen to when wanting to escape. Especially the opening track, ‘24’, the closing track, ‘25’ and my favourite song off the album ‘Quality of Life’. These songs are uplifting and can give you a boost when needed. The songs ‘Thresher’, ‘Lotus Eater’ and ‘Bad Way’ are more empathizing. This means that they have achieved their goal of the album being an escape for listeners.

Quality of Life’ is the standout track for me. Not just because of the outstanding music video but the relatability of the song. It has a catchy chorus and this is guaranteed to stay in your head long after you listen to it. Hellions to a different approach to the vocals on this album and it has worked. This is also apparent in the song ‘Nightliner Rhapsody’.

When a guy like Richard Kingsmill compares the album to Queen you know that it is worth a listen. I encourage you too, and check out the music video to Quality of Life’. You can watch that and read more of my interview with Matt here.

4 1/2 Stars

review by Jen Rees


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