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Screw The Avengers. The Justice League? Phhhht. Suicide Squad? Pussies. TheX-Men? A Joke!

On Friday September 16th 2016, Osaka Punch want you to meet the Death Monster Super Squad.

Osaka Punch’s new EP is just that – a gathering of seven of the most daring mashupmonsters of music you will likely hear this year/decade. An unholy union of beasts who come together in times of need, when the world needs a different sort of hero/song to rescue them from the doldrums of the everyday.

They may look grotesque on the outside, but they may be our only hope in a world full of pretty-yet-ultimately- superficial music. 

Death Monster Super Squad is Osaka Punch’s collection of 7 tracks, formed from their UK sessions when they lived there. Each track having it’s own style, demeanour and avatar character. Make the Call is the lead single for the EP.

The Death Monster Super Squad EP was recorded while on a stint living and playing in the UK for the band – a trip that taught the band a WHOLE lot about themselves. They returned to Australia with a renewed vigour. Probably a little more street-wise. The tracks were recorded in the Grammy-Award winning Parr St Studios with Andrea Wright (Elbow, Anathema, Coldplay).

Each of the Squad will be introduced in time, but the first Squad member/single is Make The Call’s avatar – Harry ‘Make the Call’ Manhattan.

osaka-punch-02.jpgA master manipulator, and leader of the Death Monster Super Squad. A sociopath by nature and a criminal since birth; as an infant he convinced his own mother that she was a pear, and the only cure was to listen to George Michael’s Greatest Hits on repeat. This led to her untimely death, and only 2 months later his father was admitted to Sir Joey-Ross Chandler’s Hospital for the Psychiatrically Less-Endowed, where he would spend the rest of his life throwing his own poo at doctors.

By the time he was a teenager, ‘Make the Call’ was in Alaska selling ice to Eskimos. This led to an extreme methamphetamine problem in the Arctic Circle, and after an 8 year manhunt, he was eventually arrested and expedited to his home-town of Dubbo, NSW. After spending precisely 13 seconds in prison, he managed to escape, and has been wanted by authorities ever since.

A highly revered and feared mobster in the criminal underworld, it is said that if you hear the faint whistle of ‘Careless Whisper’ on the wind, Harry ‘Make the Call’ Manhattan is near, and your time is up.’

Osaka Punch returned to Australia in late 2015, directly into the bosom of an anticipatory hometown crowd in Brisbane – which kicked off what has been a BIG 2016 so far. They are a charasmatic bunch, to say the least. 

The growing hype surrounding this act is based solely on a virtuosic high-energy live performance showcasing the group’s ability to straddle any genre from authentic old-school funk to extreme modern metal. This flexibility has caused critics to draw comparisons to Frank Zappa and Mr Bungle, and has already earned them support slots with high-profile international acts and the creme-de-la-creme of the popular Australian scene such as The Fall of TroyDead Letter Circus and Closure in Moscow.

A tour will be announced very soon for the Death Monster Super Squad release and will see the band traverse East Coast Australia on their own headline tour. In the meantime, they are traipsing to WA late this month with Dead Letter Circus for five shows. 

Death Monster Super Squad will be released into the wild on Friday September 16th via Birds Robe and MGM. For more information, go to


“[Osaka Punch’s] Voodoo Love Machine is a goddamn masterpiece of fun, and if you haven’t lit the candles, grabbed the oils and just let it take you yet, then you’re seriously missing out.” – I Probably Hate Your Band

“[Osaka Punch’s] guitars were tuned to “heavy as hell” and yet they still breathed sophistication, the way a softer band would. They were a pretty suitable opener for The Fall of Troy, and Brisbanites should be proud to call them locals!”
– AAA Backstage

“…a catchy album for lovers of funk and prog-rock alike with its heavy sections heavy and its funky bits filled with as much energy as you could shake a stick at. One thing is for sure, this band is one to watch.” – AMNplify

“[Osaka Punch are a] whole load of fun to listen to, whether you’re a fan of funk,prog or metal.” – Music Injection

“Voodoo Love Machine is an idiosyncratic and highly entertaining combination of all of these seemingly disparate elements, but Osaka Punch tie it together into a cohesive whole. It probably shouldn’t work, but it does.” – BEAT

“There is something in the water in Brisbane. Do not drink it, let Osaka Punch in through the ears instead…” – The Rock Pit

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