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Feuds ‘Stay Lost’ EP Review By Maddie Birkett

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the ‘Stay Lost’ EP, but I can tell you now, while you’re listening to it, you will stay lost. Each song has the same similarity that takes you away from the stresses of life and into a world of calm. This isn’t your typical meditation music, it’s a lot rockier, but toned down. This EP is perfect to listen to, no matter what mood you’re in.

Stay Lost was recorded largely at guitarist Perry Walker’s farm in Noosa over what was supposed to be just one week. But the band found that the freedom of working outside a studio was the perfect nurturing environment to hone their sound, and the EP ended up taking the better part of a year to complete.”- Press Release

 Each Other- At first inspection I thought I might have stumbled upon a country song, which I do not do often, but weirdly, I liked it. My opinion soon changed. There’s definitely a more indie/rock vibe coming from this song, but it’s still very likable, although this was my least favourite song.

 River of Wine- To sum up this song, I’d say it’s both a song to sleep to and a song to sing along to! The first verse is so calming and peaceful, but when the chorus hits, all I want to do is turn up the volume. This is by far my absolute favourite on the EP. I love the soft vocals and soft instruments, until you hit that catchy chorus where the instruments just rise in volume, and then back to those soft verses, but slightly less soft.. Right now I’d trade my tears for another chance to listen to this song, who cares about a river of wine!

 Incinerator- This song is definitely the most different from the other tracks in my opinion, but it’s just what the EP needed in order to give it a bit of an edge. There was a surprise, while making sure that the song still fit. The beat was different and paced differently. Listening to the lyrics did turn me off a bit though.. Fall down into the incinerator is not something I want to picture in my mind..

Sandcastles- Now this got my attention. While listening to the EP, I was scrolling through Facebook when I just wanted to stop so I could fully appreciate what I was hearing. For a song that goes for nine minutes, never once did I think of hitting the ‘next’ button. Although Jeremy sounds like an angel, I loved that there was a break from vocals in the middle of the song, just to take in the talent from the other members. I thought the guitar riffs would never end and I didn’t mind. It was so repetitive but the subtle build up was incredibly effective.

Stay Lost- I was wondering what would make this song so special to carry the weight of having the same name as the title of the EP, but trust me, you’ll see why. They really left the best ‘til last. The song had such an addictive chant, accompanied by a climax of instruments and then just like that, it was all over and I knew I had to hit repeat.


For a band who have only been together since 2014, they show exceptional talent and I can only imagine how they will progress. It’s only up from here.
Make sure you grab a copy here:  


Sneak Peak!

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