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Freda chats with The Scheme about the making of “Can’t Stop” video, recording in LA and more

“One listen to the latest single ‘Can’t Stop’ from London based pop-trio The Scheme, and the song’s title is exactly how you’d describe your relationship with the track’s replay button. With artwork being diligently handled by the brilliant graffiti artist Endless, and remixes from the excellent Wideboys and Westfunk, ‘Can’t Stop’ is a delicious slice of pop-rock that will be entering your ears one way or another.”

It was wonderful to have a chat with the boys from The Scheme and find out what’s going on in their world.  Read the interview below!


Hi from Music Injection!  Loving your new song and video for “Can’t Stop”.  From the smiling and dancing in the video it looks like it must have been a fun song to record and film!

Haha it certainly was!  We had a lot of friends and some of Aleksey’s family in the video, so the whole day was awesome. It’s always nice to do a happy/fun video. The more serious ones are good too, but require you to really get into the zone of the story.

Tell us a bit (or a lot if you like!) about The Scheme’s background.  Where did you all come from, how did you meet and form the band?

Well I (Kristofer) met Kyle back in 2012 and started writing songs and jamming in a studio in London. We got on really well and decided to put together a band. Further down the line we needed a new guitarist and spotted Aleksey on the X Factor playing for the finalists in the house band, approached him, he said yes and the rest is history. Lol.


What has influenced your writing and direction of the band up to this point?

Well I have been brought up with The Beatles and The Carpenters (thanks to my good old mum) so I love catchy melodies and harmonies. Not the best at them (harmonies) so I always get a bit of help from the boys lol. That’s what being in a band is all about, working together and I love that aspect of it. For the most part we write in blocks of months. I really like that because I love having a few months to collect ideas and memories as then when you finally get to the studio it’s just flows and you are able to smash out 10 great songs in a row rather than one and then getting writers block. Lol. I hate that!! So our songs to date are simple projections of what we have gone through or are going through at the time. Maybe one or two about a few people we know!!  No names though, no names!!! hahah.

You have an EP coming out soon, is that right?  Do you have any previous releases?

That’s correct we do. Yes we released a track last year as a little tester to see what happened.  It’s called Dust and we ended up doing a little tour in America with it. Check it out on YouTube. We decided not to feature in the video, so that kicked up some Dust!!!  We felt rather than making a video about us, we would make it about the music. Thankfully it worked.


“Can’t Stop” is undeniably catchy, and your other singles “Dust” and “Jordan’s Smile” are very soulful.  Are these going to be some of the main qualities we can expect on the EP? 

Sure is. We really had a lot to write about when we went to America. Some of the tracks are actually very heartfelt and draw from past experiences. There is also quite cheeky number on there too. Aimed at the socialites of the world!! So you will be hearing some great addictive tracks with a tongue and cheek track sitting in the middle. That about sums it up. 😉

What was your experience like recording in LA?

Amazing. It’s lovely there of course, however getting away in the sunshine and meeting lots of new people and of course collaborating is just brilliant. You really get much more out of the music and you also gather more and more things to write about. I mean you wouldn’t believe some of the things that happened to us in LA!!!  I won’t go into it now but maybe you will hear some of the madness on some of the tracks on the album next year!! Haha.

Are you excited for your upcoming tour supporting The Tide?  What can fans look forward to from your sets?

Oh yes, super exited.  We have done a tour before but this time it’s much stronger and with a really good artist. We are very happy to be supporting the lads. They are really great. So our set is basically the EP, plus a cover to warm up the crowd. We have stripped the tracks back to just Cajon, piano and guitar, so it’s sounding really nice.  It’s really fun to take the tracks and strip them down. I love raw music. Production is the icing on the cake and takes the song to radio, but to perform the track with just an acoustic setup really lets you hear what we are talking about.

Is there anything you want to say to our readers (especially our readers from Down Under!) to get them psyched about the EP? 

Well yes. Firstly gggggggdayyyyyyy mate!! Haha. No but seriously if you love discovering new music and you love a catchy tune with great harmonies check us out. We would love to come and perform out there, so let’s make it happen!!

Thanks so much taking the time to chat with us!  Best of luck to all of you!

Thank you for the love. Hope we can chat again when the album comes out. X. K


Tour Dates:
2nd Sept: Corporation, Sheffield
6th Sept: Oran Mor, Glasgow
8th Sept: O2 Academy2, Newcastle
9th Sept: Leeds Uni Stylus, Leeds
10th Sept: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

For more information on The Scheme visit:


The trio is comprised of Kris, Kyle and Aleksey, a deft mix of two Brits and one American. They are very excited to have artwork duties handed over to Endless, one of the biggest names in graffiti and urban art worldwide today. Endless has had work seen worldwide, including in Singapore; this led to a collaboration with fellow artists Gilbert and George. He is represented by West London gallery Graffik, where you can see an Endless solo exhibition this summer.

The Scheme are also gleeful about their opportunity to have Can’t Stop remixed by the likes of Wideboys and WestFunk. Portsmouth-born duo Wideboys are the go-to-guys for a superb remix. They worked with Rihanna on her album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ and also on original songs with Roll Deep, The Wanted, and Liberty X. They have made remixes for a huge number of artists, including their club mix of ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ by The Saturdays, which reached No.2 in the UK singles chart. Meanwhile, London based producer WestFunk is also a prolific remixer, having put his own magic touch on songs ranging from Jason Derulo to Enrique Iglesias. Expect both of these remixes to do some serious damage on the club charts when ‘Can’t Stop’ is released September 23rd.

The Scheme are no stranger to success themselves: their YouTube videos have incurred hundreds of thousands of views, and they recently performed for millions of viewers on Fox News. Amongst their celebrity fans they are able to count Pixie Lott, Coleen Nolan, Dee Cee Lee, Tinchy Stryder, Basement Jaxx, Michael Angelo (producer) Zane Lowe, Yeah Boy and Jessie J.

The Scheme have just been confirmed as a support act for a 5 date leg of EMI Universal artists The Tides ‘Click My Fingers’ tour. With 3 sold out dates already, The Scheme are bound to be a show stopping addition to the line-up of this Live Nation tour.

‘Can’t Stop’ is an irresistible piece of guitar-led pop, right from the get go with its excellent opening riff, and later with a stunningly harmonised chorus. The three guys recently revealed they wrote the song while 6000 feet up a mountain in Arizona.

“When writing the track, our minds were on meeting someone who you really like,” Kris explains. “Frozen solid, tongue-tied, all shook up. So basically not knowing what to do, or what to say. Is it instant love or major lust?!”

This song may be about being in a situation where your entire body seizes up, but it will ultimately have the opposite effect, and get bodies moving.

The Transatlantic trio are keen for listeners to not take the lyrics at face value and deliberately left some ambiguity in there:

“No matter what they do, we can’t stop liking them – wanting to be with them. Or it could mean something, rather than a person. Either way, it’s for the listener to make the decision.”

The Scheme know all too well that music means something unique to every listener, and they urge you to “listen to the song and put your own input in, too.”

With a huge online following, known affectionately by the band as their ‘Schemers’, ‘Can’t Stop’ is on a fast track for big success this Summer.

‘Can’t Stop’ is released September 23rd.


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