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Brisbane alternative rock duo The Comfort have released the second single YourHeart from their new EP ‘Love’ released on September 16.

Showing maturation and growth Your Heart shines with hope and security a stark change from the darkness of debut EP ‘Ghosts’. The track delivers commitment and hope in a world that is lacking.

As a whole Your Heart explores themes of love and intimacy, asking the question commitment, relationship or both?

Your Heart is about being so infatuated with someone that the felling is indescribable. You can use thousands of metaphors and analogies, but no words come close to pin pointing how and why you love them,” said guitarist and vocalist, Liam Homles.

Both boys believe the best way to accurately portray these feelings is through art and more directly, song and poetry.

the-comfort-02.jpg“The song is entirely woven with lines from an E.E. Cummings poem that I actually have engraved on a watch which I was given by my partner,” said bassist and vocalist, Dom Harper.

The filmclip, hosted by massive heavy music channel Dream Bound, takes a look at The Comfort‘s passionate live performance showcase how the boys truly intend to deliver their art.

Your Heart comes as a follow up to The Comfort‘s last single Everstone which found success in multiple plays on triple j and almost 20 thousand views on Youtube.

The Comfort released their debut EP titled ‘Ghosts’ in February 2015 featuring critically praised singles Fair-Weather and Tongu es (Masenko) garnering the band welcome attention from triple j and community radio across the country.

Following up ‘Ghosts’ with the slow-burning single Roses, The Comfort brought new meaning to the phrase ‘inspo-rock’ pulling further attention from radio and online to the bands incredible, anthemic base.

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