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Carla Wehbe releases debut EP, Electric Field, read our review by Beck and an interview with Carla by Jen.

The Sydney based electro-pop newcomer Carla Wehbe has recently released her dazzling debut EP, Electric Field. With its equally youthful and upbeat single also titled Electric Field, this EP immediately makes it clear to any listener that Carla easily has the potential to be a household name within the EDM scene.

A particular highlight of Electric Field is the closing track Caught in a Lie. This song accentuates her seamless blend of electronica with soulful and heartfelt melody, which results in tunes that feel just right both in the club and at home.

The defining elements of this release are the silky smooth layering of ambient elements along with her delicate vocals, vibrant procession, as well as the sleek production quality. This infectiously lively EP is sure to have an impression and will you leave waiting for more from this promising young artist.  Review by Beck Spry


Jen caught up with Carla to ask some questions about this EP.

Hi Carla, thanks for your time to answer a few questions.

I laughed at your quote in the press release that you thought singing was lame and that you were really sporty! Are you glad that your parents influenced you in this way as well as your brother? I am! Your life could have gone in a completely different projection!

Yes haha, could not have predicted at all that I would want to follow a career in music. I was always known as the sporty one, so when I had my first performance at my school show, everyone was in shock. Definitely glad they encouraged and inspired me, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!

You taught yourself guitar and piano? How difficult was that? Have you had any lessons now you have made the step up to the next level in music?

I played violin from the age of 3 until I was 13 and even though I didn’t enjoy it at the time, I think it set me up musically for the future and I’m so grateful my mum encouraged me to keep it up. I never took lessons, just taught myself by ear or sometimes YouTube videos if I was struggling a little.

I am surprised that you have time to train your horse! You must be great with time management. How was it having your own horse in your video? Kingston looked very majestic!

Haha thankyou! It is very time consuming and every time I go up to see him it’s an hour and a half drive each way, but he’s very important to me and at his age it’s important to spend a lot of time with him. I also just love his company. That scene was probably my favourite to film and it meant a lot more having Kingston in the video, we were both pretty much thrown in the deep end. He is still very new and was so good on the day even with drones flying above us, a car speeding along next to us, and my crazy costume!

 “I grew up as a real sporty girl and never had any real interest in music. When my younger brother started singing, my parents asked if I wanted to give it a go –  and my response was no way, singing is lame!  Eventually I did give it a go so they didn’t have to ask me anymore… and the rest is history.  I taught myself guitar, piano and my brother taught me little bit of drums over the years.  Aside from music I love riding horses – over the last year I’ve been training my 5 year old horse Kingston, who is actually the horse I ride in my video clip!”

Are there any musicians in particular that have inspired you along your journey as an artist?

 I have had inspirations throughout my musical journey that people would not expect. My earliest inspirations being Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Marina and the Diamonds, and Jason Mraz.

Great taste! You state about the song Electric Field “Although the lyrics seemingly describe a relationship between two people, that’s not actually what I want people to be limited to thinking of.  I want people to be a little more open-minded with the meaning and to create their own. In your press release, have you heard from fans different ways that they took the meaning? I do like songs that can have a different meaning. Music is amazing that way.

Yeah for sure, music is very personal and it never means the same thing for different people so I love to inspire, but not limit with my music! I actually haven’t had the chance to ask my fans their interpretation of the song but that’s definitely something I’d love to ask them!

In regards to your music video for Electric Field, I really like that you take on so many different versions of yourself. It is almost like you were different people. I really like that. Did the filming go smoothly or was there anything that went wrong that you can share?

This was actually the craziest video to shoot. At one point almost everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, from location being flooded, to head pieces not staying on, to having no power on set, it was very stressful! But looking back it was the most fun I have had in a long time and the team that made it happen were amazing to work with.

Who came up with the clever concept of the video that highlights the meaning of the song?

It was a group effort between myself, the director, my designer and my stylist Maria Gittany, however Maria was the main creative influence with the story line!

Your debut EP ‘Electric Field’ has 4 solid songs that show your versatility of your voice and you seem comfortable with Ballads and Dance numbers. Do you have a preference to sing either?

I honestly love variety, I don’t prefer one over the other. It depends what mood I’m in (which changes a lot, haha).

You had Vince Harder and Phillippe-Marc Anquetil, A-list producers working on your EP, I mean how do you improve on that for your next release! Haha. No seriously working with these talented guys, was it all you thought it would be?

Both Vince and Phil are not only amazingly talented musicians and writers, but they are like family to me, and I couldn’t imagine this EP turning out the way it did without them on board. I am 100% planning on working with them both for my next project which is hopefully very soon! 😀

Your song “Caught in a Lie’, the fourth track on your EP, you have done a music video for and it has now over 12,000 listens on Sound Cloud. Do you think that this is a taste of what is to come now you have officially released the EP and have won the hearts of press agents and music journo’s like myself?

Thank you, appreciate that! Yes it’s crazy, it’s actually jumped up to 22,000 plays which I can’t believe! It’s amazing to think that people are enjoying my original songs that I used to sit in my room with my guitar and play only to myself. Hopefully more people connect with my music and want to hear more!

I like how you do covers of other songs playing the Ukulele and post them for your fans and take requests. Is this something that you plan to keep going for a long time? It certainly engages people on facebook.

Yeah for sure! I love doing cover videos and I think this is what my supporters love, so I’ll definitely keep up the cover videos in the mix with my original music.


I wish you all the best for your EP release!

Thanks so much Jen, appreciate it ! 🙂

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