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Jen’s review of SUM 41’s new album ’13 Voices’ out on the 7th of October.

Let’s face it. Sum 41 fans are lucky to get new music. Unless you live under a rock you would know that Derryck got himself sober with the support of his family and friends after a very near death experience that left him in hospital for 4 months. This led to a long hard road to recovery. It would be fair to say that this record saved Derryck’s life.

Anyone would think that the early pop punk is dead if we were not hearing new songs from Sum 41, Blink 182 and Green Day. As a pop punk girl I am in heaven. I am dismayed at what some fans are saying, negative comments about how the band’s sound has changed, I mean come on we are all 25 years older!

Earlier this year I chatted to Derryck and Cone about their upcoming album ’13 Voices’. I asked Derryck whether or not he had the same passion for making music now as he had when he started. His answer was “I think I have more now. Yeah I think maybe it takes a little longer now to put out a record. I was thinking about this yesterday as there are little things that I have been working on, I know that say in the early days like ’99 or 2000, the all Killer days there was so many things that I would have let go on the record where I would not of cared as much and I would be fine with the way it is where now I am like I can’t even stand to listen to it that way as it is different from the way that I hear it in my head. If things turned out the way, I didn’t want them to I just said whatever.” You can see that interview here So you can look forward to a more polished album.


Sum have already released a few official music videos off this amazing album including the standout track for me ‘War’. This song is close to being as brilliant as ‘Pieces’ which is my all-time fav song. I really like God Save Us All (Death to Pop), I mean what anti pop person would not? I have experienced many concerts and the rock/pop punk concerts are always the ones where there is unity in crowd. ‘Fake My Own Death’ is my second fav off the album (right now anyway). From the very start the Guitar riffs and intense vocals and the message about wanting to be free make this song very relatable.


Moving on to the non-released songs, the opening ‘Track of a Murder of Crows’ (You’re All Dead To Me.) This starts off with a slow, almost too long introduction but then jumps into quite a tight song.’ Goddamn I’m Dead Again ‘has some awesome guitar solos, and continues the death theme.

The most moving and emotional song would be ‘Breaking the Chain’ (track 4) followed closely by last track ‘Twisted by Design. ‘This song is clearly about Derryck’s near death experience “beaten black and blue inside’ and ‘Make no mistake I paid my price and done my time with the devil in disguise’. Listening to this laying back with my headphones thinking of what Derryck has been through is quite confronting. His story is inspirational. ‘There Will Be Blood’ is the next track, if I had to choose the weakest track on the album this would be it. The title track ‘13 Voices’ is next and starts off with heavy catchy guitar riffs and lyrics like “Life is such a deadly game’. This is a solid song that deserves to be the title track. ‘The Fall And The Rise’ will sound amazing live. To finish the album ‘Twisted by Design’ is a motivating song, about second chances with your life when you have almost met your maker.

’13 Voices’ is bonus for Sum 41 fans. To see Derryck so close to death and have him pull through then write about his journey in the form of this remarkable album is a win. This album is a definite to add to your collection. Worth every cent. My rating is 5/5. Pop punk is NOT dead for sure. Phew!

Sum 41, 13 Voices Track Listing

1.“A Murder of Crows (You’re All Dead to Me)”
2. “Goddamn I’m Dead Again”
3. “Fake My Own Death”
4. “Breaking the Chain”
5. “There Will Be Blood”
6. “13 Voices”
7. “War”
8. “God Save Us All (Death to POP)”
9. “The Fall and the Rise”
10. “Twisted by Design”




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