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darkDARK is a production duo and band based out of Los Angeles and Austin. Their first release “Heathered” is a five song EP of vibrant, punchy beats and luminous analogue synths that lightly allude to 70s cinema and 80s synth-pop, while channeling a future-pop sensibility.

Recorded over a six-month period between their studios in L.A. and Austin, members Genevieve Vincent and Chris James equally share writing, composing, and singing duties throughout the EP – their vocals often forming fluidly into a single compelling voice. The resulting tracks pulse with texture and color, ranging thematically from finding a spark in day to day uncertainty (“Moments” / “Restless”) to questioning and understanding what could have been (“Shelter” / “Fake It”).



The common thread: an unwavering and youthful longing for an immediate connection. The EP’s first single “Moments” carries you on a vivid and dynamic ride through those tiny unfixed points in time to which all relationships boil down.

The animated video accompanying the release (created by animator/director George Harbeson) is inspired by the mid-70s work of Jean “Moebius” Giraud, and beautifully visualizes the track’s ethereal textures, explosive 808-lined chorus, and spectral but seductive vocals.

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