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Maddie interviews Indie band ‘Blonder’

Blonder is the Brooklyn-based band getting everyone’s attention! Already being noticed by Nylon and Spotify, with only two singles out so far they’ve got a catchy tune that’s calming at the same time.

There’s more to come from these indie rockers, they’ve only just begun. If you’re in New York make sure to stop by a show, it’ll be worth the time!

Thanks for you time. First up, where did the name Blonder come from?

Well I had written and recorded all the music already and I still didn’t have a name for the project that felt like it really fit with what had been made, so I was brainstorming with the girl I was dating at the time and then one night she went out with her friends and she called me at like 2am from the spot she was at like: omg I found the name, I was just talking and it came out of my mouth… blonder… and I was like oh wow that really is it. A lot of the songs on the record have to do with her and it felt appropriate considering my own hair colour and the iconography of bleaching in rock music. That’s the story!

How would you describe yourselves to our readers?

I’ve never been the best at this one but I feel like we’re a new band and I definitely think of us as a rock band. Wanting to make songs that would build a world, an exciting and beautiful one… I guess I am unrelenting in wanting to make a really special environment for shows and that comes through songs.

‘Talk to Me’ is about wanting a person to acknowledge and talk to you, what’s the most interesting thing you’ve done to get the attention of another person?

It’s weird, that was just something said about the song, it’s about a lot of things and has a lot of stories in it to me. I don’t think one particular thing, but probably just taking the initiative to say what you feel. Honesty is the hottest thing.

Is there a music video coming for the single?

Looks like there will be a video for ‘Lean’ yea! Not too sure what it’s gonna be yet, have messed with a bunch of ideas but waiting for the right thing.

You’ve been playing some shows lately, what has that experience been like?

It’s been really good! It’s funny because I’ve played live music before and so has everyone in the band but this thing is just so new and fresh that we’re only on gig #7 right now… They’ve just been getting better. I feel like the band is pretty damn tight and I can’t wait to tour.

What can fans expect from a show?

I’m not sure if there are any expectations right now, just like come and see the band even though it’s new, check out the tunes and since we really give a lot playing them hopefully the stories and feelings come across in a real way.

‘Lean’ is also popular among indie fans, what’s the story behind the song?

I had written a bunch of tunes with my friend Aaron Maine that we just like weren’t ever that into and then we made this one and we’re like ok. It was written on guitar and then recorded to a drum beat and some synths in Aaron’s apartment and then later it was brought to a recording studio in Los Angeles to be finished. I’d say it’s a love song of sorts, but also an ode to a specific feeling about finding balance in the human body, and actually reaching a place that you want to be in, and whatever drives that desire. Haha – I don’t know! It’s also about just walking down the street in New York.


Your music has been recognised widely from NYLON to Spotify, what has that been like?

It’s really great to have music out finally, I had been sitting with this music for a good 9 months before it came out…  It feels like my baby haha… And it’s still in the middle of coming out so I just really appreciate anyone’s interest in the music and the story that I’m telling.

So, what’s next for Blonder?

Well, this week I think the ‘Talk to Me’ wet remix comes out and i’m super into it! It’s slow and really about the emotion of the song more than the direct lyrical content, which I felt like was really audible in the original recording. But the beat is sick. And then the 3rd single sometime before Christmas which I can’t wait to have out in the world! 

Make sure you stay up to date with Blonder here:  to hear their third single!


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