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Make Love To Me
Debuts Single on New Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art

Elliot is the brainchild of beer corpulent and modest twenty-two year old Swede Ellioth Axelsson. Based in Stockholm, he self admittedly “bedroom produces” earworms that are not conventionally pop. 
Elliot is predominantly a lo-fi solo artist, producing his own version of music resembling art rock of days gone by. His writing ironizes and dissects music, but also shows great affection for the form Elliot takes his influences for art from more than just music and peers.

New single Make Love To Me is a typical example of what is to come from this project. Influenced heavily by the Los Angeles experimental pop scene including Ariel Pink, John Maus and French singer SoKo.
The song is heavily hypnotizing, bordering on lo-fi psychedelic pop music and resembles the works of Panda Bear, DeerHunter and even Animal Collective’s experimentation. 
Make Love to Me is the beginning of a new movement in Sweden, coming out as the first release on new Swedish Label Icons Creating Evil Art. It will be available in all the usual places Friday 30th September 2016.

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