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Babies Gonna Cry will be available on the 18th November


“Anthemic and meticulously-produced pop”  The Line Of Best Fit


Of recent years, Scandinavia has arguably been producing some of the best talent in terms of modern electro-pop, which includes the likes of  and Lykke Li. Songwriter and producer Ingrid Witt is no exception from this. Having been hailed as Sweden’s fresh new talent”, Ingrid Witt’s rise to success has begun, with her brand new contagious single Babies Gonna Cry. 
From the name and aesthetic surrounding the track, Bat for Lashes and her memorable image come to mind whilst Fever Ray vocals sit well beside the glittery, high quality production. In terms of lyrics, Ingrid cleverly explores the concept of adulthood, which is interesting in contrast with her distorted, soprano vocals. Sonically, from the cool and contemporary element to the track, there are similarities to LANY. We guarantee that Ingrid Witt is NOT a name you’ll be forgetting anytime soon… 
Babies Gonna Cry will be released on the 18th November 2016. Stay tuned soon for a pretty amazing video.

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