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Jordan chats to Flyying Colours about their new Album ‘Mindfullness’.

FLYYING COLOURS have released their debut album ‘Mindfullness’ and so far Mindfullness has been receiving rave reviews with second single “Long Holiday” getting a stack of international radio play on BBC6, KEXP and WVUM and closer to home on FBi, Double J and RRR.

They have completed an international tour and now an Aussie one. Jordan had the chance to catch up with Flyying Colours about their news.

Residing in a dream-world that sits somewhere between psych, indie, grunge and shoe gaze, FLYYING COLOURS’ debut album “Mindfulness” ‘retains the intensity of the band’s shows’ [Rolling Stone Magazine] and their talent for uniting a delicate vocal melody with a satisfying thick wall of abrasive drums and guitars.   

Thank you so much for your time! You’ve just finished up a tour of Australia, how was it?  Did any funny or interesting tour stories take place?

We love touring, its been a big year and the Australian leg came off the back of UK/Euro/China, so we were well and truly in the zone. The tour was great, and sharing stages with a lot of our favourite bands around the country is always great fun.
You’ve recently released Mindfullness, are you happy with how it’s been received live?

Its been great playing these songs live for the first time, people seem to dig them.  The songs are a little longer, and a bit deeper than some of our earlier stuff so its been great to drop that on people.



In hindsight is there anything you would have done differently with this release?

Theres always so many things I want to change about our songs once they are finished, but if I spent time thinking about them nothing would ever be finished. I try really hard to just move on to new songs and new recordings to get past it.
Flyying Colours has a very distinct sound that seems very natural, did you guys draw inspiration from anywhere or is it just the product of doing what felt natural?mindfullness_web_cover_jpeg-high-res-1

Its exactly the product of doing what we do, the only way we know how to do it. I feel we naturally and subconsciously draw inspiration from our music tastes, however we never set out to sound like anything, or anyone in particular. I think that’s what I like about our sound most, its simply us.



Earlier this year you visited a lot of different places around the world, could you describe that experience for us?
It was a 6 week tour of the UK, Europe and China. We toured UK/Europe in 2015 so it was great to play music OS and still have a familiarity with different cities and small parts of the language. The tour was pretty full on, we played almost every day, with the exception of driving days, so we played the songs a lot. Our tour of China was particularly eye opening, and the crowd response was amazing, the shows were electric – we loved playing there.


For those people  out there who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe it?

The only answer I can give is for people to listen to it.

That is fair! Where would you like to take the band in the future?

I am simply excited to make a new record next year, and tour it again. The most exciting part about making music is the blank canvas you have to work before getting started, the realization you can do anything and everything, and the only limits you will find are those you out on yourself. Im excited for the future, whatever we might do.

Keep in touch with Flyying Colours via social media here.


Photos by Bianca Milani HR

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