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Pulled Apart By Horses release new single “Hotel Motivation”

New album ‘The Haze’, due for release March 17th via Caroline Australia

Leeds lads Pulled Apart By Horses  are today releasing single Hotel Motivation into the world – the latest noise-pop anthem to be revealed from their forthcoming album, ‘The Haze’, due for release March 17th via Caroline Australia. Hotel Motivation is available for streaming on Spotify now.

Following snarling title track ‘The Haze’, and ‘The Big What If’, ‘Hotel Motivation’ arrives inspired by a mind-scrambling combination of insomnia and Iggy Pop’s discography playing back to back at full volume.

“Welcome to the Hotel Motivation”, guitarist James Brown explains, “this foot-stomper came to life from a shared love of Iggy Pop and an overwhelming lack of sleep when Tom was up night and day penning song lyrics. We hope you enjoy your stay!”

“Ironically these lyrics came out of the frustration of me suffering a little ‘writers block’,” vocalist / guitarist Tom Hudson adds. “I was sat in a small room in my house, hunched over my computer recording my vocals at about three in the morning. I felt like I couldn’t allow myself to sleep until I’d at least made some progress with the track. The song is sort of a fictional version of how I felt and what I was doing that night. A couple of days later we played it in our practice room and everything felt right.”

pulled-apart-by-horses-02Recorded by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys/MIA/Drenge) at his McCall Sound Studio in Sheffield, The Haze is twelve tracks of whip-smart, unpredictable, fierce and sussed hardcore noise-pop. “When we were making our previous album Blood we were referencing a lot of Ross’s work, so it made sense to go straight to the source, and it was great to see him investing so much in the process” Rob reveals. “Ross essentially became a fifth member of the band for a month,” adds James.

Pulled Apart By Horses are: Tom Hudson (Guitar/Vocals), James Brown (Guitar), Robert Lee (Bass) and Tommy Davidson (Drums). | |

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