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Mick from The Pretty Fingers chats to Jen about their new single ‘Just Say Go’ due for release Feb 20th.

On Monday, February 20, the Australian alternative rock band The Pretty Fingers will release their latest studio endeavor, a new single entitled ‘Just Say Go.’ Due out on all major digital music platforms to stream and download, the track explores the outfit’s continued pursuit of furthering their sound into new and unique territory. The
hard-hitting tune is sure to enter The Pretty Finger’s catalog as one of their hardest rocking efforts yet.
Since their inception in 2011, The Pretty Fingers have debuted a series of rather prolific releases, constantly infusing their sound with a creative energy unlike most independent groups. ‘Just Say Go,’ which was recorded at Airlock Studios in Samford Queensland last December, offers one of the band’s grittiest, rocking sounds to date. The single is also one of four tracks recorded during that session, all of which are scheduled to release throughout 2017.
Review of ‘Just Say Go’ by Jake

The Pretty Fingers are a small rock band out of Brisbane Australia and this is the first of their work I have heard. So, what did I think? Well I thought the song ‘Just Say Go’ was magnificent! It was catchy, and different while being rather easy to jump in and listen to. Overall a fun the track to listen to. The vocals of Mick Bristow are steller, his voice so unique it was refreshing. The guitar riffs were excellent and It also earned a lot of love from me by including a guitar solo and while it wasn’t a full blast technical master piece it fit extremely well with the rest of the song. My only real complaint is just how short the song is, just under 3 minutes, but it leaves us wanting more! I most defiantly am excited to see what these guys release in the future.  The full song will be available February 20th and I implore everyone to give it a listen.


Jen caught up with Mick to find out more about The Pretty Fingers.

Hi Mick, you have been a band for a few years now, are you the typical rock band that met each other through high school?

We all had several bands under our belt before meeting each other as working musicians. Stav and I were performing in a touring show band and discovered Bevan as a great drummer when he applied for some fill in work with us.

You guys do remind me of the old style ( as in my era of pub music) Aussie music like Midnight Oil. Do you see that as a complement? If you ignore Peter Garrett’s political career!

We would always take being compared to old school Aussie rock bands as a compliment. We hope we are a modern unique version of the Australian guitar rock that has come before us.

I really like that your vocals actually sound Australian, do you sing in this style by intent Mick? Or does it just sound that way as you are Australian? I have interviewed so many Aussie bands that sound American.

Thank you, I sing in my own natural Australian voice by choice. I guess I’ve learnt that being who you are is one of the things that makes you different from everybody else and particularly overseas where that’s probably going to stand out. I always like hearing a vocal with lots of character and charm, even if it’s not perfect! I hope that’s where I fit too.

As a band you have one goal to create authentic, impactful and exciting rock and roll music and you have surpasses this goal with your new single ‘Just Say Go’. How did your writing process go for this song? Is it a whole band approach?

Thanks for that. This song came from an outline that I bought to the rehearsal room and as with all our tunes we collaborated from there to create the finished song as it is now. The idea behind Just Say Go was to write a fast paced flowing tune that keeps delivering all the way through while still having a few surprises to the arrangement. We write what comes naturally and then craft the song to its best possible version.

Do you feel like a band that could make it overseas more so than Australia? Seems that your press release shows this.

At the moment it does seem like that, with overseas radio announcers picking us up, but I would like to think that Australian rock fans will find out about us in the end and see that we have something good to offer. There are quite a few Australian announcers that play us regularly but we’re not necessarily the flavour of the month over here and that’s cool because we’re creating our own fashion and that just feels more worthwhile than trying to fit in to trends that we would probably suck at anyway.



Will Bevan ever get his haircut? Haha Love the pic on facebook with his hair in the wind.

I don’t think Bevan will ever cut his hair; short hair just wouldn’t work as well with his cross dressing antics. That picture on Facebook is a classic, that’s just Bevan, rock’n’roll all the way!

Love it! 




Love your new promo video of your gigs of late, brilliant way to showcase your abilities.

Thanks, it’s a bit of a snap shot of the group and a great way to see and hear what we do. Hopefully a bit fun too.


You have just gone back into the studio, what can we expect from this? A new album or EP, or are you not sure yet?

Well, we’re back in writing mode at the moment and experimenting with our sound a bit. Just Say go is a part of a group of four new tunes we recorded in December last year all of which will be released as singles in 2017, so apart from promoting them we are new free to take that sound further with new material and no pressure for time. The thought is that we might create a full length album which might include the songs from the Just Say Go studio sessions.

What are your future plans for 2017?

We plan to play a bunch of shows this year mainly in Brisbane with some interstate sorties as well to promote our new releases. We are also planning a UK trip in 2018 with the help of a few radio announcers who are also involved in the live scene and have offered to help set up some shows and hopefully let us crash on their couch!


To hear more, and to keep with the latest from the ‘The Pretty Fingers’, you can find them on Facebook , Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Reverbnation
More info on Pretty Little Fingers
Having formed in 2011, the 3 piece group from Brisbane have been musicians since
childhood, albeit independently. This was until bassist, Stav Tsolakides, and Mick, came together on the road, gigging with a show band for 3 years before joining forces with local
drum talent, Bevan Bancroft, soon after. From here the band have had five releases, which include the single, ‘The Devil Loves You Too’ in 2014; ‘The Fickle Finger of Fate’ EP in 2015; and most recently, the single, ‘One Horse Town’ (March, 2016). These have received airplay both locally and internationally, with consistent airtime on Brisbane station, 4ZZZfm; Melbourne’s PBSfm; Gashouse Radio from Philadelphia, USA; and Switch FM radio in Birmingham, UK. Also, the third track from their second EP, ‘I Want You’, was featured on the Homegrown radio segment of popular national radio station, TripleM.

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