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Christine Leakey releases new single “Walks Like An Angel”

The video for Walks Like An Angel was shot mostly underwater in the heart of the 1000 Islands where Christine grew up. She used simple techniques starting with the use of a GoPro on a selfie stick for the scenes of herself sitting in the weeds, and the rest of the video was shot with the help of a friend. The scenery of Linda Perhacs was done in Agoura Canyon by one of her friends.

The currents were strong during several takes on one side of the island which made it a little difficult and so they moved to the opposite side which they felt made something that fits with the music well. By the end of the shoot, they was freezing. their lips were blue and they was shaking in the shots of Christine singing in the water. It was the first day of autumn.
The song was inspired by a friend who lost both his parents within a year apart and features Linda Perhacs on vocals.

The song is streaming at Soundcloud. Christine’s second solo record entitled, Wanderlust Wishing Well is due out March 3rd. Pre-order the album on Bandcamp now!

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