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Post-club tropical indie soul – Emmecosta introduce Miguel (James Blake/Gold Panda)

Emmecosta talk Immigrating to 
Sweden with New Single ‘Miguel’
+ “Post-club tropical indie soul” 
+ Rotation + support from Stereogum, P3, Clash, Complex, Noisey
+ Fresh from collaborating with Milan-based Designer Christian Correnti
+ Released TODAY by Swedish Tastemaker Icons Creating Evil Art
+ New EP due for release March 2017

Unknown to most, Gothenburg trio Emmecosta are all from a small town in Italy called Positano. After residing, recording and releasing all of their music in Sweden for the last seven years, the band consider themselves Swedish nationals but haven’t forgotten their roots, with new single ‘Miguel’ they aim to build on the Swedish/Italian connection.

Described quite brilliantly be Clash Magazine as “post-club tropical indie soul”, the bands debut EP garnered support from other hipster tastemakers Noisey and Complex, followed up by last years single ‘His Power Of Youth’ leading Stereogum to compliment their awareness of space in production, citing “they have a deft touch that goes each element room to breathe.” Envisage James Blake’s sonic usage of space with the production and songwriting worthy of a seat alongside Gold Panda, Belgrave and NOVAA; Emmecosta could fit right into London’s Bass scene.

‘Miguel’ is a story about a man and his own land portrayed by the delicate deliverance in Emmecosta’smusic. There is a hidden romantic darkness in the actual story, which represents the bands melancholy in relation to their hometown in Italy, and what it was been like to immigrate to Sweden. There is a craving for home, yet acceptance of new belonging.

Emmecosta further this:
“’Miguel’ is a part of us that we have left in Italy. It’s the son, grown up, of our past. 
We look after him, we look at him, but from the North. 
The song is about Miguel, the exponential image of our roots.”
‘Miguel’ will be available via Swedish tastemakers Icons Creating Evil Art on Friday 17th February 2017 in all the usual places for streaming/download.

“Shimmering atmospheric sweeps, synth flourishes, funky guitar and bass, tropical percussion, and soulful crooning combine for exquisitely layered texture.”

“All post-club beats, somnambulist synths, and that gloriously Nordic sense of melody”
Clash Magazine

“We’ve all felt that moment of post-clubbing clarity alone in those grey, early hours of the morning. Depriving yourself of sleep somehow gives you a weird sense of understanding.”

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