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Jen catches up with Nathaniel who has released his killer new single’ Vapours’.

Multi-platinum selling artist, Nathaniel returns with his killer new single, Vapours, the anticipated first taste of new, original material and it has been well worth the wait.  To accompany the sexy track, Nathaniel has also announced a hypnotic film clip, directed by Peter John of Epik Films (The Paper Kites, Simple Plan) and will be celebrating the release with a national VAPOURS tour beginning later this month.

Vapours is a soulful and thrilling club track with classic, irresistible RNB influences.  Pulsing bass, driving synthesisers and Nathaniel’s unmistakable vocals are encompassed in the exciting track that reflects intriguing Middle Eastern musical characteristics.  Produced in LA with Freshm3n III who’ve worked with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and, Vapours is a leap forward for this Aussie talent, pushing past the clean cut pop that he’s been best known for.  “The song is about being intoxicated by somebody, whether that is with sex, love or lust.  It’s a very sensual and unique song,” explains Nathaniel, My headspace at the time was I just wanted something different, honest and a little rebellious, I wanted to experiment with different sounds and sonic landscapes.”

Hi Nathaniel, I really enjoyed listening to your newest exceptional new offering ‘Vapours’.

It has a different sound than your previous release, sounding more R&B & Soul, was this a conscience decision of yours to edge away from the pop genre? 

Glad you enjoyed it! It wasn’t really a conscious decision that I made. I was in LA when writing this song and at the time wanted to write something edgy and different to my usual pop commercial love. We came up with ‘Vapours’ but it wasn’t as a single at that stage. When I came back to Aus, I loved the song and really wanted to release it regardless of it being a pop tune or not. I’m glad I did because I’m always pushing the boundaries with my music.


You stated that when writing this you felt a little rebellious, I love that, I often feel that way! When you are writing a song do you have a set routine, a place you write or can you write anywhere? I know that I need a certain level of quiet to get in the write headspace for my writing. 

-Well most of the time I’m in the studio late at night. I tend to be more creative at that time for some reason. Ideas come to me at random times and places. As funny as it sounds, I have a window in my studio that I usually have open and when the wind blows through the window it literally sounds like someone is whistling a song. It’s crazy but I recorded it and will use it in a song. So I get inspiration from everywhere and everything. I take notes throughout my day as I get ideas from something I’ve seen or heard. No set routine, I’m happy to pick up a guitar anywhere and make up a song. I pretty much breathe music you could say. 

The line ‘ Can I breathe you in and bask in your haze’  Really sums up how someone feels when they are in love. How did you initially come up with this concept, a love song with deep meaning?

– So I had the word ‘Vapours’ stored in my notes on my phone for some time. When I was in the studio coming up with lyrics I started with this title. I wanted to get creative with the concept of  ‘Vapours’ and thought it sounds sexy and thought it would be cool to associate it with being intoxicated by someone so that’s how I came up with that line.

The video is a contrast to your other videos, more connection to nature. This was shot in rural Victoria?

-Yes, we located a saltlake a couple hours from Melbourne which was all dried up and exactly what I had in mind. We had an amazing sunset which didn’t need a filter! It was surreal. I wanted a raw, open landscape and something simple but that I felt connected too. I’ve always wanted to shoot a video in a powerful setting. 

I love the use of the colours, making vapours, a stark contrast to the desert. Can you tell us if in using those colours there was any funny stories? I know they can be hard to get of clothes from experience.

-It was a first for me. I’ve never held a flare before and yeh I burnt myself more than once but it was worth it. My shirt got burnt in the process. I can assure you that no people or animals were hurt in the process of making this video. Ha… 

Good to hear! Peter John has amazing ideas and is easy to work with, you worked in the concept together?

– This was my first time working with Peter. He’s great to work with and had some fantastic ideas that met my vision for this clip. More importantly, he is the master of slo mo and I love his video grading. I’d definitely work with him again. 

Is your leather jacket going to be your new image in videos, rather than the suit? 

– I like to change it up. It was actually a jacket made of sequins which I must admit at first was a little too edgy for me but it was bold and unique. I want to keep surprising people and not just go along with the grain. 

You only have one more show of your tour, March 11th  in WA, how have your other shows gone, has your new single been well received?

– The shows have been a lot of fun. I must admit the nightclub scene is a territory I haven’t delved into much before but I’m always up for something different. I got too meet a lot of my fans in an intimate setting which was great. There was lots of love and support for ‘Vapours’.

Your Monologue on facebook is intense and motivating, are you going to be doing more of these? I noticed you labelled it number 1.

-I’m a big dreamer. I’ve always believed that what you dream you can achieve. If I can spread that message that’s one good deed I know I’ve done that will let me sleep well at night. There may be more to come…watch this space.


Brilliant post you made on 28th of Feb, when other artists are whinging on social media you post this “Smile – form one’s features into a pleased, kind, or amused expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed.”  This comment was posted with you and a lovely smile. In fact your facebook is full of your smile and positive thoughts. Well done to you. Planning on keeping this going?

-Yeh of course. I’m all about spreading the love. I’m a pretty optimistic bloke. There’s no point in focusing on the negative cause that will only set you back. 

Your tatt on your arm, the music note, is simple but with a huge meaning behind it showing how important music is to you, can you describe this in your own words?


– I can be very indecisive at times so getting this tatt which is permanent just shows how meaningful it is to me. It’s my only one because I can’t decide on anything else that could live on me permanently. Music is my breakfast lunch and dinner. It’s my fuel for life. 

Thanks for your time Nathaniel, I hope 2017 is a great year for you.

-thank Jen you rockstar! 


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Also by Nathaniel Live Longer

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