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Jen chats to Strand of Oaks about Co-Headlining a tour with Endless Boogie over Easter Weekend.

Strand Of Oaks and  Endless Boogie are touring the east coast of Australia this April with shows in  Melbourne,  Sydney and  Brisbane and festival appearances at  Boogie in Tallarook in country Victoria over the Easter weekend. Strand Of Oaks will also play  Silver Raven festival in the beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia.

Having conquered Australia’s Boogie Festival back in 2014, where they blew everyone away with their harrowing transcendent rock ‘n’ roll show,  Strand of Oaks are returning to Australian shores with a new album in tow. The album is titled ‘Hard Love’ and is the bands 5th studio album and is released 17th February via Dead Oceans / Inertia. It includes the track ‘On The Hill’, which the band explains is a psychedelic, celebratory homage to their three days in the excesses of Boogie Festival in 2014. True story!

Great to hear that you are touring in April, Can’t believe that is next month! 

Last time you were here in 2014 our audiences fell in love with your sound and the way that you were on stage. I think we have high expectations for your performances down here. Is there something about Australia that you love as you seem keen to tour here?

I’ve said this before but from the moment I started having in Australia I found my tribe.  Most of my life I felt like a man without a home.  I like to laugh loud, burn the night, not take myself too seriously, and just make the most out of this life.  The people that I met on that tour reassured me that there were many more people out there that share that with me.  Life is a struggle, we all struggle, but it doesn’t mean that you have to cry in the bath and watch it slip by.  Sometimes you gotta rage through the darkness.  

Can you tell us about the track ‘One the Hill’ the song that is about your time at Boogie Festival?

Boogie changed me.  No other way to describe it.  They say often with Boogie “You know, You go” well I learned.  I needed those three days, hell, I think I was searching for that my whole life.  I went deeper into life than I ever thought possible and found a lot of truth.  Sure that hippie language but what the fuck else do we have right now.  Let the cynical scene dorks cross their arms and frown at a concert and hope that they got a few more social media friends.  Boogie is about being human and being totally in the moment with other humans.  

Do you find mixing a tour with Festivals is more enjoyable that a straight tour?

Oh yes!  When you play your own shows they are typically a contained evening.  Especially now my fans are some the greatest people ever.  We all get to share that together in one night.  Festivals are similar but also so much more expansive.  We still do our own thing but the mixture of energy of other bands and new people is thrilling.  

I noticed on your facebook page that you were asking your fans for their favourites to make up your set list. Will you be doing that and will the set list be different each show as you have so many sons you could play.

Tour is so new with my band, but we are already having so much fun with sets every night.  My philosophy is always, stay at home and listen to the record, its cheaper.  If you want an experience come to the show.  Too many bands don’t put that effort in, I was guilty of that for years.  I want every show to be unique and special to all the people who come.  They can come the next night and get a totally different vibe.  Jamming songs longer, doing interesting segs, and just expanding what we think is possible and pushing ourselves to be better musicians.  

How difficult is it to decide on your set list? Ever had any arguments over it?

The only things that difficult is to find the right energy flow.  Its great to have dynamics and I have a tendency to always go to 11 way too quick.  Build the momentum correctly and you’re gonna get so fucking deep!  

Hard Love has had a massive first week, you must be stoked with it’s debut, is it with a sense of relief for you now it is released and it has been well received?

Huge relief!  I was ready for the record to be out because then its everyone else’s and not mine.  And then I can focus on the live show and getting to be out in the world and interact again.  I need my fans and these shows so much in my life.  I get a lot of my own purpose from them.  To know that so many people are connecting fills my heart with joy.  Boogie Boogie!!!!!




Thur 13th April – The Curtin, Melbourne, VIC


Fri 14th & Sat 15th April – Boogie, Tallarook, VIC


Thur 20th April – Newtown Social Club, Sydney, NSW


Fri 21st April – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD


Sat 22nd April – Silver Raven, Tanunda, SA (Strand Of Oaks only)


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