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Jen chats to Endless Boogie prior to their upcoming Aussie tour with Stand of Oaks



Joining Strand of Oaks on tour are elusive New Yorkers Endless Boogie . When it comes to Endless Boogie there’s no point in making comparisons to other musical prophets because at the end of the day it’s the sonic stats left on Endless Boogie’s page of the Rock & Roll Almanac that tell their story. These guys are no strangers to Australia, having toured the country in 2011, played Golden Plains in 2013, and most recently played Boogie Festival last year where their set was so well received, they were asked to play it twice that weekend.

This time around the band have a secret weapon and occasional member Matt Sweeney  (Zwan / Chavez) joining them on tour. The band will also be slipping out prerelease copiesfor sale of their new long player ‘Vibe Killer’ at the shows. Six new jams of gold. Not released internationally until May, but early action for Australian true believers!!

You can’t seem to keep away from Australia, what is it about our country that you love so much?

  There’s a feeling we get from Australian rock, that it never lost the genuine spark, the real deal with Lobby Loyde, Billy Thorpe, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo… and we feel it in the people we meet. It’s a life affirming bummer-free zone. We’ve had such fantastic times on your soil in the past that coming back also has a coming home vibe. 

Getting asked to play your set twice on that weekend last time at Boogie Festival would have been so cool! That rarely happens. Do you prefer the festival atmosphere to a tour one or is it just different?

  I must say that the all night party occurring on Saturday after our set, the  hanging out until sunrise all jacked to the skies… it made it feel a bit dicey at first getting focussed and doing another set early Sunday afternoon, but that lingering fuzziness was cleared up about a minute into the jam. Festival gigs and club shows  are apples and oranges, dig ’em both. The Boogie fest vibes are special, and being able to hang all night outdoors rules.

You have Matt Sweeney coming with you on the tour, how did that collaboration come about?

 Matt and Jesper had played together before I met them, Endless Boogie started as a hobby band, get together Tuesday nights and rock in the Chavez rehearsal space, no intention of ever playing shows. Some years later shows started to occur, whenever anybody asked us. Just doing the same thing we did in the space, but with people around. Matt helped us make the records, plays live shows with us whenever he’s got the time. He was gonna come with us to Oz last year but Iggy grabbed him. We’re excited to present the triple guitar action this time around. This band is basically a bunch friends who like to hang out together.

Thanks heaps in advance for bringing down prelease copies of ‘Vibe Killer’, is this sort of a present to us for being the best fans? 😛

 We figured since it is named  ‘Vibe Killer’ and you are the best fans we should let you have the dubious honor of being first to get their vibes killed. 

Do you have some time off while you are here to see some of our sites?

 I’m sure we’ll get down with some sights and bites, last year we visited Bon Scott’s grave in Perth so the most important item has already been checked off the list.

Can you in 5 words sum up what we can expect from your show?

 Friendly punch in the face! 

Good one! All the best for the Aussie tour.



Thur 13th April – The Curtin, Melbourne, VIC


Fri 14th & Sat 15th April – Boogie, Tallarook, VIC


Thur 20th April – Newtown Social Club, Sydney, NSW


Fri 21st April – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD


Sat 22nd April – Silver Raven, Tanunda, SA (Strand Of Oaks only)


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