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Grün to release long-awaited album ‘Manyana’ through Birds Robe Records

It’s finally here.

The long-awaited Grün album ‘Manyana’ (Bird’s Robe Records) will be released into the world on April 7 and launched live at Factory Floor at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville on SATURDAY APRIL 8 alongside underground experimental sensations Hashshashin & Adrift for Days.

Grün are an acclaimed instrumental rock group, producing highly emotive, soundtrack-like post-rock music. The band have forged a dedicated audience based on their ethereal compositions, underpinned by a strong sense of groove and a rock solid rhythm section.

The success of their debut ‘Greenland’ earned them comparisons to the greats of alternative music, including Mogwai, Pink Floyd, Phillip Glass and The Cure.

After a gestation period of several years, the new record ‘Manyana’ expands the group’s already impressive musical palette, coupled with a brand new live show featuring visual projections and sonic manipulations which add to the unique experience for this rare live act.

Grün is an Australian-based musical project producing highly emotive, soundtrack-like post-rock music. Based in Sydney, the band have made an impact amongst the international underground with their delicately crafted instrumentals.

Drawing influences as diverse as Radiohead, Phillip Glass, Tool, Mogwai, Pink Floyd, Michael Nyman and The Cure, the band’s debut ‘Greenland’ was released in 2010.

Now, 7 years on, the surprise return of the group has been precipitated with the announcement of a new album ‘Manyana’ and a launch show in Sydney, on Saturday April 8 at The Factory Floor.

grun-02‘Manyana’ expands the group’s focus, scope and lineup. Previously core members Andre Matkovic (bass) and Leon Kelly (guitar) now have a formidable musical arsenal in the form of drummer Ben Matson and keyboard/guitarist Piers Twomey.

‘Manyana’ is a departure from the quiet/loud filmic soundscapes of Grün’s post-rock past. Shoegaze and darker influences such as My Bloody Valetine, Alcest, Jesu and Altar of Plagues were combined with eternal inspirations Sonic Youth  and Mono to bring more immediacy to the band’s sound.

‘Manyana’ is named for the quiet spot on the NSW south coast, where the band wrote and recorded the album in a beachside home during two 10-day visits. Unusually for such a record, the drums were recorded last, and separately, at Rhinoceros Studio (AIM) in Sydney. Self produced and recorded by Andre Matkovic and the band, the album was mixed by Damian Press in Berlin (Expatriate) and Beau Sherrard in Sydney (AIM), and mastered by William Bowden (Gotye, The Church) in Tasmania.

Grün took their time returning to listeners’ headphones. New babies, new businesses and new addresses saw the band spread across north, east, south and western NSW. It is this absence that made the drive to create and share this record with fans all the more compelling for the group. Hence, in 2017, we are gifted with a fascinating and imminent new record from these underground maestros.

From the band:
“Manyana is who we are as people right now. A snapshot in time. It’s an instrumental human response to our immediate environment, our interactions with those closest to us and a glimpse at our deepest and most cerebral consciousness. It’s an album of monumental personal significance.”

‘Manyana’ is out in Australia through Bird’s Robe Records on Friday April 7. Grün launch the record at The Factory Floor on Saturday April 8 –

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