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Roses & Revolutions release new single “Moment”

Having signed to Nettwerk, the band (comprised Alyssa Coco and Matt Merritt) travelled to Los Angeles to work with esteemed producer Mike Tuccillo on the new song, “Moment,” which stands as their first output ever produced by someone outside of the band.

Stream the track on Soundcloud/Youtube.
You can also find it on Spotify or Apple Music!

“Mike was amazing, he really got us out of comfort zones,” Merritt says. “We wrote the demo in Rochester and sent it to him, thinking it was nearly there. Our first session with him, he came up with seven or eight re-harmonizations of the chord progression; it took us a few days to get it and we realized his idea was way better. He had Alyssa question her melodies, he had me play slide guitar for the first time… It’s our favorite song to date.”

If you’d like to know more about the single, you can read the premiere piece at Popdust.


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