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Jen chats to Giuliano from Ferla after the release of their double EP ‘Guilt Pop/Stay Posi’.

FERLA is garage new-wave with chorus guitars and emotional pettiness. Their double EP Guilt Pop/Stay Posi has been released through Our Golden Friend.

Jen had the chance to catch up with Giuliano to chat about double EP and their news.

Hi Giuliano, can you tell us a little bit about your backgrounds and how you came together as a band?

So Steve and I used to play in a band called the Toot Toot Toots/Twin Beasts. We played together for about 7 years before FERLA started. Chris Drane is a Melbourne music stalwart, from Cherrywood and Shooting at Unarmed Men and Tankerville. And Kate again, she plays keys in The Harlots too. It’s a nice little fam.

 Your launch of Guilt Pop/Stay Posi is coming up this Friday so lucky Melbournians can enjoy this celebration. Can you pls give me a quote on why people should come and what they can expect?

I’m not sure. I don’t want to tell anyone to expect anything. We’re all musos and we’ll put on a good show. I think the music is good and I’m really pleased to be able to share it with people. I love the Tote, I love The Ocean Party and Girlatones. I love the Loose Tooth peeps and I’m glad that they’re DJing. I feel like this launch has been a long time coming, so I’m happy that it’s getting out into the world.

Interested to know why there is a double EP rather than an album. Seems to be unusual to have a double EP was that the point? Can you explain why you did this? 

So the reason is that they were both made at very different times of my life. The first EP Guilt Pop was made in 2015, and was basically a collection of the songs that were rejected from my other band. I felt like these songs had some life in them yet, so I started the new project FERLA as a way to get them out there. The second EP Stay Posi was written over a couple of months last year, as I was working through a breakup, so all the songs, whether autobiographical or not, are lined with that. I actually didn’t listen to Stay Posi for about six months after I made it, I only had another listen just before it was released and I was really surprised. I’d forgotten what the songs were about.


    Can you discuss one song that means the most to you, what was the inspiration behind that song and was it a song that came easy to write or was it a tough one to get right? I get that this is hard!

This is hard. I don’t know if there’s one song that means the most. I’ve been enjoying playing ‘You’re There’ because it’s a really uplifting pop song. It maybe has the distinction of being the only song on the double EP that is just pure positivity. 

You also have a show in August supporting The Bennies. Love that band. I also live 5 mins away from Belgrave!  Can you tell us a little about this show?

I went to school with a few of the Bennies, and I played in my very first bands with Anty. We were sixteen and playing punk and ska and getting into venues like The Green Room and The Arthouse and not getting ID’d cos we were in the band. Pretty fond mems.

Can you tell me about your EP in 5 words.

This is one of those questions where if you give a jokey answer you sound insincere and if you give a serious answer you sound really over-earnest. I have no idea. “It is a good time.”

Great response!

Some more info on Ferla. Keep reading!

Four singles have been released from the Double EP so far, ‘Breakups Are Hard For Everybody’ ‘Wasted On You’ ‘In The Night’ and ‘I Can’t Let You Down’. All crackers, all getting love. Marcus Rimonidi from Ripe Music described ‘In The Night’ as “one of the more complete Australian songs to be released so far this year […] FERLA makes his presence felt.” Will Backler, Music Director at Perth’s RTR FM described ‘Wasted On You’ as “an absolute earworm, straddling the line between euphoria and melancholy through its myriad of dominant synths and reverb drenched vocals that grapple with the grieving process of a relationship in the mellowest of manners.” The filmclip for ‘In The Night’ was directed by Chris Flagz at Defero Productions (The Drones, Gold Class) and was awarded Clip Of The Week on the iconic Australian music programme, ABC’s Rage.

After the end of his former band The Toot Toot Toots/Twin Beasts, with whom he had released two albums, toured Australia extensively and played slots at Meredith Music Festival, Queenscliff and more, Giuliano Ferla needed some time to consolidate. He started to put his musical energy intomaking bedroom produced slow burn bangers. In late 2015, Giuliano released his debut EP as FERLA, Guilt Pop which was met with critical acclaim and received Album Of The Week in Beat Magazine & The BragTone Deaf Feature Album, and regular national airplay on community radio stations and national broadcasters. In April, 2016 Giuliano put the band FERLA together, with Steve Gavan (bandmate from TB/TTT), Kate Monger (The Harlots) and Chris Drane (Cherrywood/Tankerville/Shooting At Unarmed Men). Since forming a year ago they’ve supported the likes of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Cash Savage And The Last Drinks, Totally Mild, Jess Ribeiro, The Bennies and Gabriella Cohen.

FERLA are excited to partner with Our Golden Friend to re-release Guilt Pop alongside his latest EP Stay Posi.  They are launching at The Tote in Melbourne on June 16th with support from The Ocean Party and Girlatones.

Meanwhile, FERLA continues to introduce us to his sultry brand of slow-burn, after-dark pop, one song and one heartbreak at a time.


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