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Jen chats to The Faux about their new EP ‘Are you Awake?’

The Faux, are an alternative pop/rock band from Perth. They released an E.P ‘Are You Awake?’ and it reached number #6 on the alternative iTunes Charts. The Faux are a great example of the new generation of talented young Australians. They supported the likes of ‘Small Town Heroes’ for their ‘Get up! Get Out!’ EP Launches at the YMCA HQ and Amplifier bar. In November 2016 they supported ‘Avastera’ in their ‘Save Me Now’ Single Launch and in January they supported ‘As it is’ (UK) on their Australian Tour. The Faux are 100% original and independent. 
‘Are You Awake?’ showcases The Faux diversity. From catchy tunes to a reflective closing piece this EP is a solid work of art. I look forward to how The Faux’s sound develops.  Music Injection Australia


Jen shot through some questions to find out more. You can listen to their EP on their facebook page here.

Hi Guys, how did you guys all meet? What is the story behind you forming as a band?

Alex & Sam first met in high school as friends first, then started writing music together, just for fun to begin with, but once they started taking things more seriously, recruited Brad & Jono to complete the band.

I have to ask, why did it take so long to release your first single? Was there a reason?

The band has been through a few different phases, & in trying to get to a level we’re happy with, as well as fund recordings (amongst other things), it took a little while for us to get our feet off the ground. We also had a few setbacks that were out of our control after the actual recording process but we got there in the end!

An unusual question, I noticed that all 3 of your influences all start with The. The 1975, The Wombats and The Police. Did his influence your name at all or is it a complete coincidence?

Hahaha that’s a total coincidence, we obviously have a lot of influences & we wouldn’t even say that those three are necessarily our biggest influences, but the ‘The’ in our name wasn’t a choice we made consciously influenced by anything, just part of the name we decided on.


Your EP ‘Are You Awake?’ debuted at number 6 on the alternative charts! You must have been stoked!

Yeah we were totally caught off guard by it! We didn’t think we’d be in the charts at all, but we saw that & were ecstatic! It was kinda like instant gratification for all the work we’d put into the EP in the moment it was released.

I’ve listened to your EP a few times now, I really like ‘She’s So Last Year’ a catchy tune with a real meaning. Can you choose one of your songs and take us through the inspiration and the writing process?

Thank you! All of our songs tend to differ in the way they’re written, we don’t have one specific technique that we use. Usually the songwriting stems from Sam or Alex, whether they’ve written something on their computer or bring an idea into rehearsals to workshop. Alex tends to begin with lyrics, like he did with ‘She’s So Last Year’, which he wrote on NYE when he was in New Zealand celebrating ahead of almost everyone he knew. The idea of being in a different year inspired the title line & he embellished a situation to create the storyline for the rest of the lyrics. The idea grew from there, he turned the chords into a bass line a backbone for the song before we all workshopped it in some rehearsals & eventually turned it into what it is now.

I also found The Epilogue rather relaxing, I started to day dream while listening to it trying to write these questions! ☺

The Epilogue is a little bit of a change of pace to the rest of the EP but we definitely still feel it’s earned its place! We’ve been getting some really good reception to it too, people seem to be enjoying it as it’s own song. Considering the concept for it began as it being a way to tie the whole EP together & summarise it & how different it is to our debut single & what we’ve been playing live, we’re really pleased with the way people have reacted to it!

Perth is on a downward spiral when it comes to live gigs and some bands not even having shows there at all. Are you experiencing any setbacks in regards to supporting overseas bands?

It’s definitely a challenge to get gigs even on the local scene in Perth, especially at better venues or with touring bands. Because of the lack of live music venues or demand over here & the number of bands trying to get shows it’s really competitive. But that’s as much a good thing as it is a negative thing, because we’ve started to make a reputation for ourselves; if you can draw a crowd, put on an entertaining show & sound good then you will start to get more opportunities on the local scene.

With international artists it’s even harder to get opportunities, a lot of them bring another touring artist with them so there are always several bands vying for the same limited opportunities & it often comes down to what style they’re looking for or sometimes even who you know as to whether you even get a look in.

Saying that, you supported ‘As it Is’ last January, how was that for you guys?

We really enjoyed the ‘As It Is’ show! We met a few of the guys & they were really nice, they put on a really good show. Also, even though we’re a bit of a different style to them, quite a few of our fans were there for them & we’ve heard from several people who have liked us since we played that show, so it was a great opportunity!

Your last show for a while was last weekend, what are your plans for this time?

We have a few things going on both individually (namely study & a bit of travel) & as a band as we’re looking to finish writing a follow up to ‘Are You Awake?’. We have a few ideas so we’ve been recording demos for them & we’re always trying to write more, but we’ve got a few decisions to make as far as production & the non-musical side of the next EP go as well, so we’ll make sure everything’s in order so we can take the next step with our music in the coming months.

I wish you all the best for this EP and your time off performing.

Thank you, it was a pleasure to have a chat with you!

The Faux x


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