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Jen chats to Split Second, a Californian Pop Punk band ready to make their mark.

With precise musicianship and memorable melodies, five-piece pop-punk/post hardcore outfit Split Second strives to make an impact on the vast world of ever evolving music. Hailing from Ventura County, California, Split Second consists of five very diverse members with different music tastes that mesh into a style all it’s own in their recently debuted, self titled album. Singer Eddie Duvick’s lyrics, while raw and sometimes ominous, manage to provide hope and a glimmer of optimism that shines through even the darkest themes. The strong rhythm section of drummer Scotty B and bassist Bonk provide a solid backdrop for the technical yet atmospheric guitar duo of Jordan Wolff and Kevin Rupp. Split Second aims to make music that not only inspires, but provides a message of hope and strength.


I am seriously impressed with Split Second. As soon as I started listening I knew that they would be a band that I would add to my playlists and listen to on a regular basis. Fun guys as well, they have all the markings of a true pop punk band. The only thing missing is the chance to share a pizza with them as they are all on the other side of the world. 

Thanks for getting in touch guys, I always like to hear from pop punk bands. That is the genre that I listen to the most. Your band is quite unique with you all being diverse with your music tastes that is reflective in your music. Can you  give us some background on your band members regarding their musical interests?

So like you said, we’re all kinda eclectic…  We do, however, also share many common interests.  It should come to no surprise to you that most of our common interests happen to be the bands that we sound like.  We’re all REALLY into Pierce The Veil and Coheed & Cambria.  For us, we really appreciate how these two bands create their music.  Their music has a lot of intricate guitar work and is extremely dynamic.  We try to emulate that, the only difference is we put a rhythm guitar under that to give it a ” Wall of Sound” type of feel to it.   LOL, as I’m typing this, I’m receiving texts back from band members about their favorite groups so we can get into our diversity in interests.. here are some of the answers:

Kevin: Spice Girls, Raffi, That guy from the Ricola ads

Eddie: Yo Gabba Gabba Band & Spinal Tap

This is the type of group we are.  The only thing we take seriously is our band and our music. Everything else is up for grabs.

Ok, so to try to actually answer your question, here are some of the other bands (in no particular order) we listen to that inspire us to create:

Say Anything, New, Found Glory, Five Iron Frenzy, Weezer, Inspection 12, Green Day, Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Opeth, Metallica, Yellowcard, A Day To Remember, Sleeping With Sirens

To take it further can you explain how you all came together to form Split Second?

Alright, so Bonk’s cousin had produced a song for the band Holliday (Eddie & Scotty’s former band).  Bonk heard the song and thought they were incredibly talented and later found out that his friend (Scotty) was their drummer. Bonk and Scotty started talking about Bonk producing a full length album for Holliday for free, as Bonk was fresh out of Los Angeles Recording School and had just set up his studio.  Scotty and Bonk agreed to meet at one of the local watering holes to talk about getting this arrangement setup.  Scotty walks into the bar, and Bonk notices that behind him is this dude that he had spent many nights at the very same watering hole with, always having conversations and MUSIC (of all things) NEVER CAME UP! That dude was Eddie, and it turns out he was the lead singer of Holliday.  This starts to look like it’s going to be a great thing. 

We started production on Holliday’s album, and about 3 weeks in there was a rift in the band and two of the members decided to part ways. Bonk immediately suggests that he thinks it would be a great idea if he joined up with Eddie and Scotty and they form a band.  Eddie says “I have a friend Kevin who really wants to be a part of this.” Kevin had also met Eddie at that same local watering hole, and the two bonded over the course of several months, not realizing that they were both connected by their love of creating music. Once the topic of music came up in conversation, and Kevin finally listened to Eddie and Scotty’s band, Holliday, he was floored. Kevin was like, “I NEED to be a part of this.”

The music we were writing was really, really melodic.  We would constantly have harmonized leads or counter leads going throughout the songs it simply demanded a 3rd guitarist. Historically though, that hasn’t been the easiest position to fill. Honestly we’ve been through so many “5th members” trying to find the right fit (some of whom contributed to the writing on the album)…  But then the skies finally parted, angel choirs started singing, and we found Jordan.  Jordan is the perfect fit, he completely compliments not only our style of music, but our personalities as well. Our next album is going to be insane. 

You guys have done all your own writing, recording and production for yourself titled debut album. How does your band’s writing process go? A whole band or more individual?

As you can imagine, we went through MANY different songs to get to the 12 that are on our debut album.  There are probably close to 12 songs that were also written to be part of our first release that didn’t make the cut for one reason or another.  Most of our songs start with an idea, typically a chorus, and then we bring that idea to the group, and expand on the idea to create an entire song.  This is truly a group process and we all pitch in with the writing. 



Your press release states that you have a love of life and people and that your songs have this theme and will and can inspire others. How have you been inspired and who inspired you to take this music journey?

That’s actually a typo.. it’s not a “love of life” it’s a LOVE LIFE.. we’re all really into each other. =)

But seriously, as cliche as it might sound, outside of our musical and personal influences i think we all kinda inspire each other. The cohesiveness with this group of guys is absolutely insane.  Do we argue/fight occasionally? Yes.. more than occasionally lol. But what is most important is that we are committed to each other and what we are doing. That’s where the rubber meets the road. We believe that from that dynamic comes our message.

Love it!  In this day and age of social media it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook.

Do you have any strategies that you use to either shield yourself from criticism?

Collectively, we don’t believe we’re afraid of criticism.  Any type of feedback we receive, positive or negative, we use as a tool to our advantage.  Like we stated earlier, there’s about 12 songs that didn’t make the final cut.  Of course we were into those songs, and thought they were great, but later realized after getting feedback from family and friends that they maybe weren’t meant for this album.  This is actually constructive.  Obviously not everyone is going to like our music and that’s totally fine. They can even write a blog about it. However, there comes a point where people actually have to go out of their way and actively try and tear you down. To that we say… “haters gonna hate.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Side bar: We actually have a cover Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and it actually translates PERFECTLY into our genre. Unfortunately we missed our window of relevance to release it in. It WILL happen eventually.

Saying that all the feedback that I have read is super conclusive that you are doing a great job!

Thank you very much for saying so.  We’re super excited already, and know that this is only the very early beginning of our journey.

It has been a difficult decision for me to choose a song that I can relate to the most or that I like the best of your album. I keep changing my mind! At the moment, it is ‘To the Wolves’ I like the concept of being thrown to the wolves and after staring down the barrel of a loaded gun, that it is possible to come back and lead the pack. It is a motivating song and damn nice to sing along to it!

Personally, is there a song that you connect to the most?

Eddie is our main lyricist and to his credit, we think he’s absolutely fantastic at what he does.  He paints incredible pictures with his lyrics and we feel like it allows the listener to really get into the story behind each song.  We all agree to disagree on which song on the album is our favorite, and i think that’s kinda cool.  I can tell you that without a doubt our favorite song to play is Crash & Burn.  It has this super groovy feel to it that gets us pumped up.  It has a really great message in the lyrics too.

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How has your live shows been going? Have you had an album release show?

I know that you have one coming up. More details here. 

It’s been a little weird as we have had a lineup change since we started playing live.  Our shows have always gone great.  Eddie’s live performance is nothing short of amazing, to sing the way he does and play guitar as well, it’s pretty awesome to watch.  We haven’t played an album release show just yet, we’re currently waiting for our physical discs to come back from being pressed.  We’ll book one eventually, but until then, yeah, we’re super stoked to be playing the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip coming up on the 12th of August, and we have a great show with our friends scheduled for the 26th of August in Camarillo which is kinda like our hometown venue. We have a mini tour up the central coast we are currently locking in the dates for in September as well. Much more to come through the rest of the year! 😉


Do you have a goal, like a coveted spot on Warped Tour, another Festival or tour maybe in Australia?

We just want to come play in Australia (wink wink). Tonight Alive is one of our favorite groups and would love to play a show with them.  We also love BodyJar, so if either one of them are reading this, we love you, lets play some shows together!

Warped Tour is definitely high up on the Goals List. A Day To Remember puts on a show every year in Riverside, CA called Self Help that we would love to be a part of someday.

Just getting our music heard is the number one goal right now, though.  We definitely don’t want a platinum album though 😉

Are there any plans for a music video?

We actually have a full treatment ready for a SICK video for Something About You, we’re looking for the right director who shares our vision to begin production.  I mean, if the right deal came across our table and a label wanted to front us on the money for the production, that would be cool too.  It’s still a great concept that has kinda like a Stranger Things meets ET vibe to it.  We’ll also be putting out a DIY “live” video of a cover song sometime in the very near future to help get our name out there.

Who designs your merch? Love the stopwatch and the Raven one! Readers can check out their merch here.


Everything we have accomplished so far has been DIY.  We’re VERY lucky to have an amazing graphic artist/web designer/photographer/etc… as one of our lead guitarists.  Kevin Rupp is very much a genius and came up with all of our designs for merch and our album art.  He also did our first lyric video for Something About You which we think is awesome as well.  We’ll be releasing another lyric video for #SorryNotSorry very soon which Kevin is currently creating.

What is next for Split Second?

Take over the world.  Tour with our favorite bands.  Get overseas to help get our name out on a global basis.  Write our next album.  Get signed to a great label who shares our interests and can help us get to where we believe we can be (at the top.. we think we’re the best).  Buy a house, have a few kids, send them off to college, travel in our twilight years.. you know, “living the dream”. And hopefully along the way, we help people find the light that’s actually always present in the dark times and places of life.

Thanks guys!

Thank you Jen!   

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