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Jen chats to Kylie Spence, who has released her debut single “Lying Eyes”. Check it out!

16 year old singer-songwriter Kylie Spence is thrilled to release her debut single “Lying Eyes” today, July 21st, 2017. The track was premiere by Breathe Heavy, who wrote, “Kylie is an old soul, and her music reflects it,” of the alt-pop songstress.

“Lying Eyes,” is a moody, alternative pop track that explores the dark depths of being in a tumultuous relationship. She taps into this incredible sense of self that captures the desperation and uneasiness of wanting to let someone go, but still holding on just in case there’s a chance. Backed by a staccato guitar strum, Kylie’s crisp, yet emotive vocals hit you with such power and conviction that it’s shocking she only just turned 16.

“Lying Eyes” is only the debut single from the budding alt-pop singer-songwriter. Be sure to look out for more from Kylie Spence in the near future!

Hi Kylie,

I receive many emails a day asking me to listen to songs. I usually press play for about a minute. Once I heard your voice I was mesmerized! I instantly thought, how could a 16 year old sing like this, she must have an old soul. Then I read your press release and knew I was correct. Haha!

You wrote and recorded you first song at 12, for most people I interview this can be so long ago. For you not so much! Can you remember what or who inspired you prior to this?

  -My first experience with writing my own music came about when I was asked to sing at my cousins wedding. I didn’t want to sing some boring “lovey dovey” cover at their wedding, so long story short I wrote a song. The song is called Blue Jeans and it is the first song I’ve ever written. Music kinda just spiraled from then on. I started getting more serious in piano and guitar, and eventually fell in love with music and singing as a whole. I always looked up to Taylor Swift for many obvious reasons. Her music is relatable and catchy, and she is extremely successful.

Suffering from an Autoimmune disorder. (I have one and it sucks!) you found that you could not sing. This might have had other people give up on their dream but you turned into a recluse to write and learn to play instruments.

Do you think the impact of your illness is responsible for your mature outlook and the fact that you have a deep sense of empathy?

When I got sick, it was hard for me to actually act like a teenager. I had like zero energy, so I couldn’t really go out with friends or do teenager things if that makes sense. And to be quite honest, a lot of my friends at the time ditched me. I guess the combination of my health, lack of energy, and lack of friends led me to turn to what was there for me, which was music. Whether it was listening to music, writing music, or actually playing music, it was all I had. And yes, I will say the impact of my illness is part of the reason I have such a deep sense of empathy, but honestly I have always been that way. I’ve never not been an old soul.

Do you think that year of not being able to focus on your voice has made you a more all rounded artist?

-When I was sick, I was still able to sing, but It wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world just because my glands were so swollen and my throat hurt a ton. I think not being able to sing all the time just made me look at music differently. Instead of evoking emotion through the way I sang, I evoked emotion through the music and the lyrics. I think this makes me pretty unique, because my lyrics are deep and not so surface level.

Can you describe how your emotions when you were able to sing again?

-There wasn’t one moment for me when I was suddenly able to sing again, but it was more of a gradual effect. I slowly got back into it at my own pace. So I never really had any emotion when I started again, but I know for a fact that I definitely missed not being able to sing every day.


Your debut track ‘Lying Eyes’ on first listen is a catchy tune that caught my attention.  When I listened to it the second time I felt more of the emotion and the meaning behind it. Kylie, is the song written from personal experience?

 -The song is not directly from any personal experience. Its really weird for me to actually talk about because I really don’t know exactly where the song stemmed from. I think its a collection of events I’ve seen in movies or stories I’ve heard from people. Of course there are some parts that are from personal experience, like the classic girl likes boy but boy doesn’t like girl back story. I think thats what probably inspired me to write about the relationship in the song in the first place.

This song has the potential to help people get through a breakup, people that are far older than you. How does that make you feel? I think it is pretty cool.

-Honestly, its so weird and cool at the same time for me to think about. The fact that I’ve never even had a boyfriend, but I can write a song about a breakup/bad relationship is pretty dang cool. I think I have such a deep empathy that I can just relate to things I’ve never experienced.

It is pretty dang cool! I was reading your Facebook and your excited post about being added to ITunes/Apple Music Hot Tracks made me smile. Can you explain what was going through your head when you heard that news?

  –It was honestly the most crazy, exciting, and rewarding moment of my existence so far. I was sitting in the car waiting for my parents to finish talking to somebody outside, and I opened my email, and started reading it and couldn’t even understand or comprehend it fully, I was just so excited and shocked. I started saying “oh my gosh, oh my gosh” and I ran out of the car and was telling my parents and started tearing up with the biggest smile across my face. It was such a beautiful moment honestly haha. Ive never been that excited for anything in a while.


I watched some videos, and I loved your ‘Gravity’ John Mayer and ‘Sloom’ Of Monsters And Men covers. Are you planning on continuing your covers? If so can you tell us what songs you are considering?

-I definitely want to continue my covers on youtube. I haven’t done one in a while though, life got a little busy. I do post instagram covers as much as I can. Sometimes I like instagram covers over the youtube covers just because 1, they are shorter so you can choose the best part of the song, and 2, you don’t have to use fancy camera equipment (I literally use my phone.) I know I will definitely post a new youtube cover sometime in the near future, and I have been dying to cover Wicked Games by Chris Isaak.

I saw that you wrote 50 plus songs for your EP. Were they are range of different tunes, musically and meaning?

Let me start off by saying not all of the 50 songs I wrote were all amazing. Some of them sucked to be honest. It is a process and sometimes you get good ones, sometimes you don’t. I mainly wrote when I was sick, and when I was sick I was depressed and that meant a majority of my songs were depressing, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I would write about love, missing someone, society, self image, literally everything and anything I could connect and understand with. All of my songs are deep. My lyrics are generally deep messages about relationships and emotions.  Musically, they were all written on either piano, guitar, or ukulele. Without production, they are very simple and more singer-songwriter.

What can we expect from your EP?

I like to say my EP will be an intro to me and my music. I think all of the songs are pretty different from each other, but in the end, they are all similar because I am telling the “Story.” All of the songs are about love which is interesting, because again, never even been in a relationship! The love that I sing about in these songs isn’t always a good love. Thats all I’m gonna say!! You’ll have to buy the ep once it comes out to find out more:)

Thanks heaps Kylie, I wish you well for your future.

Thank you Jen!! I had so much fun answering these:)


Press release continued

Production wise, “Lying Eyes” sees elements of darker, electronic pop and rolling guitar lines, making it reminiscent of Billie Eilish or The Neighbourhood. The track utilizes a mixture of modern and vintage instruments, like a mellotron, wurlitzer, and harmonium, to give it a sharp, but warm and tangible sound that gives you visions of the California desert. “Lying Eyes” is just the first glimpse of what to expect from Kylie’s upcoming debut EP.

Kylie Spence wrote and recorded her first song when she was only 12 years old and, from then on, she’s been hooked. She quickly recognized the power in using her voice to give her lyrics a deeper meaning and eagerly began refining her skills in piano, guitar, and ukulele to assist in her recording endeavors. Shortly after discovering this drive for performing, Kylie was hit with an autoimmune disorder and found herself unable to sing due to her respiratory health condition. So, instead of singing, she wrote.

Kylie holed herself up in her music room for the better part of a year and wrote song after song. Now 16, the Laguna Beach artist has turned these songwriting sessions into a daring debut EP. Touching on topics well beyond her years, Kylie views the world with a deep sense of empathy and is able to draw inspiration from her own experiences, familiar personal struggles, and the world around her.

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