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Have you communed with DED?

From most outward appearances, the members of Ded resemble many of their peers.  First impressions however, can most certainly be wrong. Taking a closer look at them without expecting the result, can be a bit, well creepy. While some groups are taking to larger stage productions, costumes, makeup etc, Ded is bursting on the scene a bit more subtly. From the time they emerge on stage to the end of the last interaction with fans or press, you will never know their eye color. They wear white contacts which cover their eyes resembling the white out effects of corpses. I know it weired me out to talk to them, but turns out, Joe Cotela, David Ludlow, Kyle Koelsch, and Matt Reinhard are pretty great guys with some real talent. I had the pleasure of meeting them at Chicago Open Air.

When they hit the stage in support of their debut album MIS-AN-THROPE which just dropped July 21st, Joe commanded the stage with a presence that seems to lack many front men. He’s not exactly a freshman. The bad previously released an EP entitled People are noticing. They have been and continue to be festival staples all season and just finished runs with Stone Sour and Korn, and they won’t slow down until after Shiprocked in 2018. It’s a very busy schedule for them.

Their Facebook bio starts off  “If you aren’t pissed off, then you aren’t paying attention.” That in itself an interesting look into the energy they throw out during their performance. Their music is driving and energizing and an all-around good experience, although I wouldn’t recommend listening to it at bedtime. Their first single Anti-everything is very clear in its message. Be different than the conformist mold people are being forced into. It’s not anti- establishment, or anti-anarchy, it’s pro-individuality.  Be who you feel you are and nothing else. Joe describes it as angry but positive.

Their second single “Remember the Enemy” is out now. Be looking for much more from this band.


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