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Jen catches up with Zach from Young Lions.



Having already teased the taste buds with ‘Burn The Money’ and ‘Destroy Me’ in March and third single ‘Superhuman’, Brisbane rockers Young Lions are ready to release their brand new album, their first since January 2015, titled ‘Mr Spaceman’.  What better way than to release it on a peak time on the Lunar Calendar – Tuesday August 8 2017 – the day Australia witnesses a partial lunar eclipse.  Quite fitting for an album that follows a character on a journey into space.

The release of the band’s third album has been a long time coming but alas the time is near for this energetic and reputable three-piece that hail from Brisbane’s western suburbs.  They are a band that is fast building momentum with two highly acclaimed albums already under their belt in the form of 2013’s ‘Burn’ and 2015’s ‘Blue Isla’ – an album that likened the band to 30 Seconds To Mars.

‘Mr Spaceman’ is about to change that.  “For this album we decided to take a bit of a different approach as it follows a character on a journey into space to deal with all sorts of inter-dimensional learning curbs,” says singer Zach Britt. “Writing a concept album, in retrospect, was a way for us to push the boundaries and open our minds, lyrically and musically, so that we felt we could push the limits of what Young Lions is. Using space as a landscape for such a journey seemed a logical way for us to go”.

The journey on this album, from start to finish, is an experience.  “All of our releases have been a little different but this one really came together as a whole. We have tried to mold the angst and passion of ‘Burn’ with the sensitivity and heart of ‘Blue Isla’ and I can proudly say we had a lot of success on this mission. It’s so exiting to think about people hearing this album because it really is just another progression on the Young Lions journey and anyone who has been with us from the start will NOT be disappointed”.

The band have earnt a very loyal legion of fans across the country not only from their own headlining shows across the country but also supporting the likes of Bayside, Hands Like Houses, Silverstein, Dream On Dreamer, Short Stack and more recently Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – to name a few.

Your album was released a couple of days ago, how did the release go for you? Damn Ed Sheeran! Or even worse ‘So Fresh…’ Still, seriously, you must have been stoked with the debut.

I’m ok with Ed being there, he’s a bit of a legend to be honest but that so fresh situation…damnnnnn. Haha nah, we are so overwhelmed with how everything has worked out for this release so far. The reception has been infallible and we are so flattered!!!

Love to hear about your invite only private listening of ‘Mr Spaceman’, great idea!

We really just wanted to celebrate with our home town on this one. We really wouldn’t be who we are with Brisbane getting behind us from the start. We have so many great friends from Bedlam records and artists like Madeline Holt that really helped make the night a special installation into the Mr.Spaceman journey. It was special! 


Another great idea was to release the album when Australia witnessed a partial eclipse, although no one told the clouds to go away down here in Melbourne. Did you guys get to see it up in Brisbane? Who is behind all these ingenious ideas?

Our manager Marc has to be given credit for the lunar calendar release cycle. Every single, announcement and eventually the release itself was based on cosmic events and in the end the album released on Lionsgate. Look that stuff up, it’s all a very interesting read. 

You have had quite a while, over two years between albums. Was the reason behind this to have a break or was it that you worked over a longer period of time on the album?

We never stopped working to be honest. I can’t remember the last time we’ve had a break haha. We recorded this thing very soon after recording Blue Isla and have worked really tirelessly to make it the best that it can be. The team has been growing stronger and I believe it is only now that the perfect storm has occurred with who is involved in making Young Lions what it is meant to be.

‘Mr Spaceman’ takes a different approach than you previous two albums. I like the concept of the whole album being based around a character on a journey to space. Can you please explain this a little more for us?

Everything from the beginning of this band has been building to this point. The story line began with Burn, then Blue Isla and finally the grand finale of Mr.Spaceman. A story that has really taken our character out of his comfort zone. After rebelling against a dystopian future’s government he disappears into space through a portal on a station not too far from our atmosphere. He continues to learn through the story about human separation and the loneliness and despair that some feel and moves to set himself and the world free.


I love the artwork from Myla Graphics for your posters. What an awesome design. The more I look at it I see different things pop out at me in the Abyss I guess it could be called. Was that something that you worked on or am I just seeing things? 

MORGAN CASTLE. That is all I have to say to that question. He’s our bass player and art director and holy shit. He is a genius.

As I listened to ‘Mr Spaceman’ I was blown away with how I could connect to the lyrics to ‘Superhuman’ and the music video really enhances the message and is quite mesmerising.

‘Start looking for a new religion, start looking for a common vision’ meaningful message for sure!

Can you take us through the writing process of this song and the meaning behind it?

Dan Lechmere wrote a bunch of the music to this one and we just collaborated all together on the highs and lows of the song. The lyrics were some of the last that I wrote and the frustrations always come out at the end about what we’re all dealing with. To be honest it’s hard to talk about a process or method. We’re all just trying to keep up with what we’re doing, there’s never a blueprint to this shit. Just gotta let it roll and flow out into something we can later try and understand.

The whole album being connected and each song relating to other is a great concept. Please explain the meaning so someone that has not heard the album will want to after your explanation.

I reckon I explained the meaning enough up in that question about the concept. People need to go take the journey for themselves. Dive in if you want to experience the journey of a lifetime. 

Yes you did. Zach, you played an intimate set a couple weeks ago, do you enjoy the change of pace as variety is the spice of life?

Well I really want to play solo stuff and explore a little more. Music is my life so as many different avenues as I can explore, the better. I want to create some weird stuff in the XAK world so I’ll be doing a whole bunch more for sure. 


Talking touring your National tour and it is really a National Tour including Adelaide and Perth. Good on you as Perth misses out most of the time. Was this something that was a must to do for you?

We’ve never really ever missed Perth on a tour and don’t plan on starting now 

You guys have a reputation to be a must-see band. Can you tell me in 5 words why people should come and see your show this tour?

It will change your life.

Great answer! Thanks Zach, congrats on you guys releasing this masterpiece called ‘Mr Spaceman’.

No problem and thank you for helping us spread the word. Talk soon x 

Young Lions are not one to shy away from their performances having earnt a solid reputation for their live sets with Kill Your Stereo calling their recent performance supporting US rockers Bayside as “a stellar performance” and “a catchy and fervent set”.

Having formed in the early months of 2013, Zach Britt (Vocals), Morgan Castle (Bass) and Matt Gibson (Drums) created a band whose alternative edge has rapidly positioned them in the forefront of the rock genre. The release of ‘Burn’ in October 2013 was named “alternative Rock at its finest” and the title track earning them a spot on Triple J’s Short Fast Loud top 40 listener poll. The sophomore album ‘Blue Isla’ was released in January 2015 and was praised by Rolling Stone Magazine for the band’s “undeniable charm to the songwriting” and describing the fan-favourite track “You Are II” as a “a sonic adrenaline rush that rivals the best of 30 Seconds To Mars”.


How ecstatic are the band to finally release this album that’s been two years in the making?  Putting it bluntly… “SO FRIGGGGGGEN SIKED!,” says Britt. “Honestly it has been a test to all our patience waiting for the right pieces of the puzzle to fall into place for the release of this project. So many highs and lows over the last year have definitely had us up against the wall at some points but it makes the final moments all the more sweeter. All I want to do is share this with people. I want everyone that has ears to hear this thing. I can’t explain how much I mean that.”



Friday September 22: The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne, VIC (18+)
With The Comfort & Spectral Fires

Saturday September 23: Fowlers Live, Adelaide, SA (Lic. AA)
With The Comfort & Stansbury

Sunday September 24: Amplifier Bar, Perth (18+) – Queens Birthday Long Weekend
With The Comfort & Cellophane

Saturday September 30: Foundry Records, Brisbane, QLD (All Ages) – 1PM SHOW
With The Comfort & Wolver

Saturday September 30: The Foundry, Brisbane, QLD (18+) – EVENING SHOW
With The Comfort & Wolver

Friday October 6: Factory Theatre Floor, Sydney, NSW (18+)

With The Comfort & Into The Wild |


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