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Space Cadets release new single and video for new track “Way Too Loud”

Formed in 2012, Space Cadets craft a unique mix of chill urban vibes and grooving acoustic blues rock on their new single, “Way Too Loud.” The Los Angeles band, comprised of Zachary Wexelman, Dan Creed, and John Cocco came together to create a sound that marries some choice inspirations including blues and hip hop with hints of alternative rock. Their addictive and unique style doesn’t just stop at their records, as their high energy performances have captured the attention of audiences throughout Los Angeles at venues like The Kibitz Room and The Hotel Cafe, as well as across the country.  On their up-coming EP, “Let The Kids Play!” they dive deeper into their eclectic sound, creating music that’s both reminiscent and present at the same time with the help of CJ Blair.

Space Cadets’ new track “Way Too Loud” packs a powerful message with an unforgettable hook. The smooth groove that permeates “Way Too Loud” creates an instant, unforgettable earworm. Its infectious chorus, littered with moments rooted deeply in hip-hop influences, includes a vibrant mix of acoustic and electric guitars, and an unstoppable rhythmic atmosphere. The bright and airy feel of the track itself lightens up the heavy handed lyrics, which paint a poignant picture of the power of hate. This introspective look at embracing positivity to do away with negative emotions is well timed and perfectly poetic.

“‘Way Too Loud’ is a song written out of frustration. It comes from the dark place within where hate, apathy and feelings of worthlessness fester beneath the surface. While it does not offer an antidote for the brokenhearted, it does provide an outlet for the struggle against anger and mortality.”

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