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The Pretty Fingers release scorching new single “Best of Me”

The independent Australian alternative rock outfit The Pretty Fingers have released the next track in their series of continued single releases. The new song, entitled ‘Best of Me,’ boasts sonic elements that the band has become increasingly well-known for: passionate lead vocals, fiery, explosive instrumentation, and hard-hitting, memorable performances. The single was released on all major digital music platforms for streaming and download alongside an official music video.

In December of 2016, The Pretty Fingers came together at Airlock Studios in Samford Queensland with producer Konstantin Kersting to record ‘Best of Me.’ The track, which was penned by Mick Bristow, Stav Tsolakides, and Bevan Bancroft, is the eighth official release in The Pretty Fingers’ ever-expanding catalog. The lyrics and video for ‘Best of Me’ loosely homage Lemmy, the iconic Motorhead frontman who died in 2015.

“The song is about believing in who you are and blazing your own trail regardless of outside negative opinions,” the band remarked about the new song. That pretty much sums up Lemmys attitude to music and his life – it’s also our attitude to The Pretty Fingers’ existence as a musical entity.

On Saturday, October 21, The Pretty Fingers will perform at the New Globe Theatre in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane in support of their new release. As a live act, the group have supported Brisbane’s top bands and the likes  of Tex Perkins, Mick Blood, and others. These performances, alongside their prolific studio releases, have resulted in the band receiving significant airplay in both the United States and Australia.

‘Best of Me’ is available now. Connect with The Pretty Fingers below to stay updated on new releases, announcements, and more!


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