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Jen chats to We May Fall to catch up on their news.

We May Fall Share New Single ‘Apart’ Feat. Nate Toussaint (The Brave)
From Second Album ‘The Light Bearer & The Shadow Maker’

It’s been all quiet on the We May Fall front for much of 2017. Now, as the country thaws, the Sydney band has emerged from their studio hibernation, holding high above their heads their new single Apart, featuring guest vocals from Nate Toussaint, oh he of The Brave fame. Apart is the next step forward for the band as they approach the release of their second studio album The Light Bearer & The Shadow Maker, out this summer.

Just announced : The Light Bearer and the Shadow Maker Tour, Sydney Nov 4th, Brisbane Nov 12th and Melbourne 18th of November. Check out their facebook page here for more info

Hi Guys,

Less than a year ago we had a chat about the release of ‘Again’ this actually feels a long time ago but I double checked and it was indeed last year. Time flies!

Since then you all have been extremely busy for sure.  Can you tell us a few highlights or milestones other than the new record release of course?

Oh man, it really has been that long. So much has happened in that time, it seems like a blur. I guess a lot of the highlights or milestones are the amazing shows we’ve been privileged to a part of, such as – supporting Drown This City, Slaves and The Brave. But honestly for myself is the fact that I can now hold a piece of vinyl with our music on it, that’s definitely a tick off the list.

Please tell us about the connection and story that lead up to Nate Toussaint from The Brave leading his vocals for ‘Apart’?

Nate and myself have been friends for a few years, both The Brave and We May Fall have been close for a while now. Every time those guys breeze through town, they end up crashing at our places. I think I remember asking Nate to be on the new record before we had even written much at all, I just wanted a good friend to be a part of what we are doing..

If I did not know better I would think that all your songs start with A and are one word!

HAHAHAHA you would be forgiven for thinking that, it does get a little confusing.. And yeah apart from the titular tracks on the album all the names have one word titles, I did this as an intentional completion of our band name, like, We May Fall Apart, We May Fall Down, We May Fall Asleep and so on..

I get that now. Very clever! I saw some great shots on Facebook of your listening party at the Hideaway Bar (images by Grim Reflection), I saw images of happy fans who you have connections with you. So, a few questions on this.

 When meeting these fans and hearing their stories do you get the sense of … “This is why I became an artist?”

 Ummm yeah I think I would agree with that, but more than that I really feel like we want our fans, friends and family to really share in what we are doing. We want to give them what they give us, which is celebrating the thing we all love. After all our fans and us have something in common, a love for music! Which I think is lost on some performers. I hate the division between the “audience and the band” mentality, I mean we used to be there with them, that’s why quite often you’ll see me or one the other guys down on the floor at a show and it’s also why we invited our friends and fans to be on the record with us, we invited them to all do some back up vocals and crowd chants and that is something really special for us!

Do you feel a sense of responsibility to these fans when writing music or the way you perform?

 Not really, I don’t think we’ve hit that level of expectation from anyone just yet. We’re just really happy at the response we’ve received so far, which has been nothing short of amazing!



Moving on to the music video, I love the crisp white shots mingled with the black flashes of colour, can you tell us about the filming, how long did it take? Also, did you have anything that went wrong, that may end up being funny if it is not too soon?

We are so happy with that video. It was hard work shooting it and hard work prepping for it, as all video’s are. I think it took about 11 hours to shoot. The “light rain” you see at the end isn’t an effect, they’re over 2,000 LED lights connected to individual batteries that we made in the weeks leading up to it that we dropped from a scaffolding, it was well worth the effort. Nothing really went wrong though, it was pretty smooth, I think all of us fell over at one stage or another, also our bassist, Stu, dropped his bass and almost destroyed it hahahaha but that comes with the territory when you’re going a bit nuts..

I love your Tee design,  who designs your merch?

No automatic alt text available.

First of all thank you, I hand painted all of our new merch. For this run for the album and tour I wanted to do something a little different, I really wanted the new shirts and designs to have a more personal touch to them, like they are wearing art not just another design that’s been turned out. I would like release the designs as individual poster prints as well, which I think would be pretty cool..

 You can check out their merch here.

In 7 words can you tell us what we can expect from your upcoming tour?

Hmmmm Good times. Good friends. Good Tunes. Fun….. How’s that?! HAHAHAHA

Perfect! thanks.

More info on ‘Apart’

Like a predatory beast that’s been lurking in the darkness, Apart lunges from the shadows; all claws and fangs. A fury of riffs, beats, growls and cleans, Apart is a dramatic offering of metalcore from a band with a penchant for theatrics in their music; perfectly capturing the band’s relentless live energy.

Apart, as well as its cohorts on The Light Bearer & The Shadow Maker were written, recorded and produced by Tye ‘T-Bones’ Pennington and the band, who ensured every note, beat, and word fought for it’s existence.

Vocalist JJ Brady unpacked the track further, “Somewhere between light and dark exists us, the ones left in the rift. In the seams – the divide on this chessboard. We are the guilty and the shameful secret and we are the ones that took our own innocence…”

Apart follows from the group’s previous single Again, which dropped at the end of 2016 to thunderous approval from both industry and fans. We May Fall released their debut album You Wear Those Scars Well in 2015 and have gone on to share venues with the likes of Norma Jean, Slaves, Drown This City and supported brothers in arms The Brave for the Sydney date of their national tour.


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