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Blue Velvet say “You’re Not Going Home” with new single/video and tour dates

Blue Velvet are a four piece rock band based in Sydney. Since forming in 2016, the band has quickly developed a passionate following across Australia playing with the likes of Moose Blood (UK), Trophy Eyes and Columbus.

Now they are releasing their video for new single “You’re Not Going Home”. The track is a followup to the release of their debut EP ‘Collide’ – and will be in iTunes/Spotify and online stores this Friday November 10.


The single shows the band moving towards a new direction while continuing to further their signature alternative rock sound. In celebration of the new song – they are also announcing three east-coast Australia dates – 10 November in Sydney at Vic on the Park Hotel, 19 November in Brisbane at Bloodhound Bar and 10 December in Melbourne upstairs at Gasometer.

In early 2017, the band released their debut EP ‘Collide’ which laid the groundwork of their unique sound. By combining the loud and fast instrumentation of Punk and emotionally honest lyricism, the band has set out to make a new sound for Australian Alternative music.

‘You’re Not Going Home’ feels like a sort of continuation from what we talked about in ‘Collide’” says vocalist and keyboardist Samuel Bauermeister “The song is about assessing toxic relationships and moving on from aspects of life that you really invested in“.


Directed by Nick Hargans, the video literally shows a heart being ripped out with the front-man trying to live his day to day life without it. ‘The video shows how having envious rage can be something that’s covered up with a type of mask‘ says bassist and vocalist Michael Godwin, ‘There are always two faces you wear during break ups and we really wanted to show that‘.

“You’re Not Going Home” sees Blue Velvet return to producer Fletcher Matthews and mastering by Jay Maas. It’s an exciting next step for a band who have already begun making waves across Australia, putting a spotlight on the exciting future ahead of them.

For more information about Blue Velvet, go to


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With Special Guests Clove, World Sick and The Palpatines

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