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Asha Jefferies shares intimate stories in new single “Chaos”

Earnest singer-songwriter Asha Jefferies has shared her latest single Chaos; a crooning tune about devotionfear and falling for the uncontrollable.

Chaos is a reflection on the people around Asharecognizingaccepting andembracing their failures, their faults and their successes then ultimately moving forward together.

Chaos captures everything I felt driving to a party one night last year. I remember watching my friend behind the wheel, realizing they were driving me into a lot of chaos and wherever I followed them, that chaos came too,” said Asha.


Songs like Chaos are an anxiousexhilarating process for Asha; the stories offering the opportunity to pull back the curtain, sharing and documenting intimate feelings and moments in her life.

I write music music to capture and anchor a feeling or a period of time in my life. I like to think I can hold it hostage, forever. Music has always used itself as a memory clock to me,” said Asha

Her life is dotted all over with these songs solidifying moments.

I fall in love with certain songs because it reminds me of a specific time in my life. It’s when I listen to Paul Simon’s Duncan that I remember how lost but hopeful I felt on a train to Vienna in the winter,” said Asha.

“Her impressive range, like paint on a delicate lyrical canvas, lined with emotional expression well beyond the grasp of your average teenager.”

Asha Jefferies creates revealing music. It’s the revealing nature of these stories that finds her at odds with her dual identities; an intimate songwriter and a maturing woman. From the tend age of thirteen Asha has been writing candid songs that detail the feelings and moments of her life in a warm attempt to hold those memories forever.

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